Sound Transit Construction Update

Lane reductions at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
As early as Monday, June 3, Sound Transit's contractor, PCL Civil Constructors, will reduce lanes of traffic on select roadways at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

International Boulevard and South 182nd Street
The left turn lane, closest to the median from northbound International Boulevard onto South 182nd Street (south entrance into Sea-Tac Airport) will be closed for construction. This lane closure will last for approximately 2 ½ years.

Airport Entrance Road
Once inside the airport entrance, South 182nd Street will be reduced by one lane and the speed limit reduced to 20 mph. This lane closure will also be in effect for approximately 2 ½ years. This will allow for building a temporary detour road that will bypass Sound Transit construction on airport property. Work hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For more information on this activity, or to receive the most current information about Sound Transit's extension of Link light rail between the airport and South 200th Street, please contact Jennifer Lemus at 206-398-5314 or

24-Hour Construction Hotline:  1-888-298-2395

Opening in 2016 featuring quick, all-day Link service to Sea-Tac Airport; downtown Seattle; and the University of Washington.

Volunteers Make it Happen. Volunteers Needed!

It’s nearing that time of year when allot of us will begin thinking about making plans for the 4th of July on Angle Lake. A time of celebration with family, friends, and neighbors, a time to participate in the parade, the 5k+ walk/run around the lake, or the swim and/or boat races or simply be an enthusiastic spectator. It is a day filled with playing in the water, an afternoon full of great food and of course an evening of fireworks. We sure hope you enjoy the fireworks as much as we do!

However, for there to be fireworks to enjoy, there needs to be money available to purchase the fireworks.  And gathering money requires volunteers  being available to visit each of our neighbors to collect their contributions.

Now mind you if you will, this isn't your standard door to door fundraiser or normal cold call solicitation as most every resident whose been here more than a year actually expects and welcomes a visit from the ALSC volunteers – because they are excited to help maintain the tradition of fireworks over the lake and realize that any funds above the amount necessary still go to funding the various club events – activities that truly make this a highly desirable and unique community to live in.

If you've never volunteered to do this before, we encourage you to consider doing so this year.  It is not because previous volunteers aren't interested in doing it again (for many are repeat volunteers) however we see this as another great occasion to get to know your adjacent neighbors, furthering the opportunity to build a strong community around you.  Furthermore, you’ll receive complete instructions and necessary materials during an upcoming orientation meeting hosted by club president, Lonnie Goulet, so that you will be well prepared and comfortable approaching your neighbors. Plus all volunteers will be entered into a raffle prize drawing for fabulous gifts as a expressed appreciation of your time.

If you’re interested in participating in our annual fireworks collection and membership drive, please email the blog at supplying your name and contact phone number and a representative will contact you with further information.

Annual Angle Lake Community Yard Sale

Whether you’re looking to offload seldom used treasures or you’re searching to purchase that special item to add with your treasured possessions, mark your calendar with the dates for the upcoming annual 

Angle Lake Community Yard Sale
Friday, June 7th – Sunday, June 9th
8:00 am until 4:00 pm
Signs will be posted throughout the Area

Our friends over at the Angle Lake Manor Home Owners Association are coordinating this event. They will be purchasing advertising in the Little Nickel; Highline Times and posting on Craigslist to help promote the event. The Angle Lake Community will be described as the area between So. 188th Street to So. 200th Street and International Boulevard (Hwy 99) to Military Road South. All residences within these borders are invited and encouraged to participate. There is no cost to you to join in.

Based on previous years, this event is expected to draw hundreds of value hunters into our area seeking bargains.  If you've been thinking about selling some of your excess goods, don’t put it off any longer! Gather them up now and be prepared to make some extra cash while reclaiming some extra space in your home. 

Volunteer Weed Monitors Needed

According to the King County Noxious Weed Locator Map, Angle Lake is fortunate not to be witnessing rampant growth of Purple Loosestrife; Tansy Ragwort; or Giant Hogweed like other neighboring lakes are experiencing however monitoring for Knapweed in the Spotted; Meadow; Diffuse; and/or Bighead varieties is still needed.

What the heck is a Knapweed?

No, this isn't something that may make you sleepy when consumed! But if you really have an interest in learning more about noxious weeds impacting the water quality of Angle Lake – we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Please consider this post as your personal invitation to participate in a volunteer-based aquatic weed monitoring program. The Lake Weed Watcher Program trains volunteers to survey for aquatic weeds in small lakes in King County, Washington. Volunteers are taught to identify both native and non-native aquatic plants. The goal of the project is to watch for populations of invasive weeds that are not currently known to occur in King County or have a very limited presence but have the potential to spread and cause significant damage. Detecting these weeds early allows us to stop them before they get too entrenched to eradicate or remove.

2013 Training and Orientation
Saturday, June 29
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Lake Desire Clubhouse
18118 172nd Ave SE Renton, WA 98058

The program provides:
  • Training in survey methodology and plant identification
  • All necessary survey equipment (other than that mentioned below)
  • Plant identification materials
Volunteers will need:
  • A small boat (e.g. canoe) and a place to launch it (if you don't live on a lake we can help you choose a lake with a public boat ramp)
  • Personal flotation device (PFD) and any other required water safety equipment
  • Ability to attend one training session in late June
  • Approximately one field day in early July and one field day in late August or early September
For more information or to sign up, contact Sasha Shaw at 206-263-6468 or

Be Alert To Criminal Activities

A reminder, the welcomed rising temperatures also means an unwelcome rise in crime…  Email regarding criminal activity is already being received at the ALSC blog and the descriptions indicate that these criminals are becoming even more brazen.

The latest report was sent from the Mark Eleven Condo HOA President Marge Murtha indicating that in less than a forty minute span two commercial leaf blowers and two commercial weed eaters were stolen from the contracted gardeners truck/trailer.  This is estimated to be about a $2,000 dollar loss and is very disturbing to both the victim and the residents.  

Marge was informed by Brian, the owner, that it's happened at other job sites but never here in the last eight or nine years that they have been the Mark Eleven gardeners. A police report was made and the dispatched Officer collected the serial numbers for identification in the attempted recovery effort.

The truck/trailer was parked very close to the street and the opportunity presented itself all too well. No one saw anything that we spoke to. The gardeners have since been instructed to pull completely down into the parking lot and face the truck outwards toward the street, making it much more difficult for future thefts to occur as the robbers would have to come down in and could be easily seen.

In hind sight, this seems like a very easy solution – and it is – however, most of us don’t think like criminals and we should!  Simple things like leaving your windows open to allow for a cool breeze through your house while you’re cooling off in the lake also make it a breeze for criminals to also enter your house!  Make sure your doors and windows are locked before heading down to your beach…  Make sure you chain your boats, kayaks, and other valuables to a secured and anchored post when not in use.  While this will not  completely prevent theft, the goal is to make things more difficult for the thieves – discouraging them from even attempting or creating a greater opportunity to be noticed.

As an additional feature to the blog, a new Crime Reports page has been created and will be accessible from the home page by clicking on the link listed above.  Each week as new reports are released, a new link will be added to the list for our residents and members to view and become informed about the type of nefarious activity occurring within our neighborhood.  Also, keeping an eye out on your neighbors is always a good thing, too.  You know who belongs and who doesn't.  Even making an effort to say hello to 'strangers' will let them know that they've been seen and can be described should something end up being reported missing. 

Loss of Life on the Lake

As you may have learned through an earlier post that an Eagle was discovered incapacitated due to unknown reason and was resting on the ground. It was assumed that due to the lack of any evidence indicating a struggle with another predator that the bird may have recovered on its own and returned to flight…  unfortunately that assumption may have turned out not to be the case.

The saga picks up again the following late Saturday evening on April 27th when an email is received from the same neighbor that had been responsible for the original sighting that prior Sunday, April 21st.  The email indicated that while out walking her dog, they discovered the carcass of an adult bald eagle deeper into the bushes approximately 25 feet from the first encounter.  It is assumed to be the same eagle that was previously encountered.

Be warned the image of the deceased animal may be disturbing to our more sensitive visitors. The photo may be viewed by clicking on the following LINK

The next day on April 28th while at the Angle Lake Fishing Derby, I shared the unfortunate news with Shore Club President Lonnie Goulet, his brother Bruce.  It wasn't until a couple hours later that Bruce’s wife Sandy informed me that she had received a call from her neighbors John and Sheri Kuglar indicating that they had just witnessed an Eagle fall dead to the ground from the nesting tree above their property. Also shared in the report was the comment that they had discovered earlier a partially consumed rat that came to rest on the top of their car.

John placed a call into Fish and Wildlife Service and was requested to collect the bird and store it in a freezer until their resources could come to claim it.  John also informed them that a second adult bald eagle was found and they requested the same so that a forensic investigation could be performed to determine cause of death.  After the derby I contacted my neighbor who then showed us where the bird was resting and with the help from Lonnie and Bruce, we bagged the bird and delivered it to the Kuglar resident for keeping with the other bird.

The following afternoon I received a call from Amanda Crook of Fish and Wildlife Services requesting additional detail regarding the original sighting as reported in the blog and asking for additional information leading up to the recovery of the second bird.  Amanda verified that it may be several weeks until the results of the autopsy were learned and confirmed that the results would be shared with the community through the Kuglar’s.

At this point we can only speculate what the cause was attributable to the death of these two eagles, but with the evidence available the assumption is that accidental poisoning occurred from consumption of a tainted rat. Once the true cause has been verified it will be reported via the blog.

As for now, while writing this post on Sunday morning, May 5th from my manchair, I am happy to report that another bald eagle had twice passed by outside my window with what I assume to be a Great Blue Heron, also witnessed in flight off in the distance. It is my hope that we humans will take particular care and restraint when using household chemicals and poisons as to have prevent any unexpected unfavorable consequences on our other natural inhabitants.

And So It Begins...

The first official construction alert for S. 200th Link Extension has been released and can be viewed HERE!
This is notification for the closure of “little 28th Ave S.” for utility relocation starting on May 7, 2013.  The road will remain closed for the duration of the project until approximately mid-2016. Traffic will be detoured 1 block west to the main section of 28th Ave S.

It’s a very small stretch of roadway, but it might be a shortcut for some.