Be Alert To Criminal Activities

A reminder, the welcomed rising temperatures also means an unwelcome rise in crime…  Email regarding criminal activity is already being received at the ALSC blog and the descriptions indicate that these criminals are becoming even more brazen.

The latest report was sent from the Mark Eleven Condo HOA President Marge Murtha indicating that in less than a forty minute span two commercial leaf blowers and two commercial weed eaters were stolen from the contracted gardeners truck/trailer.  This is estimated to be about a $2,000 dollar loss and is very disturbing to both the victim and the residents.  

Marge was informed by Brian, the owner, that it's happened at other job sites but never here in the last eight or nine years that they have been the Mark Eleven gardeners. A police report was made and the dispatched Officer collected the serial numbers for identification in the attempted recovery effort.

The truck/trailer was parked very close to the street and the opportunity presented itself all too well. No one saw anything that we spoke to. The gardeners have since been instructed to pull completely down into the parking lot and face the truck outwards toward the street, making it much more difficult for future thefts to occur as the robbers would have to come down in and could be easily seen.

In hind sight, this seems like a very easy solution – and it is – however, most of us don’t think like criminals and we should!  Simple things like leaving your windows open to allow for a cool breeze through your house while you’re cooling off in the lake also make it a breeze for criminals to also enter your house!  Make sure your doors and windows are locked before heading down to your beach…  Make sure you chain your boats, kayaks, and other valuables to a secured and anchored post when not in use.  While this will not  completely prevent theft, the goal is to make things more difficult for the thieves – discouraging them from even attempting or creating a greater opportunity to be noticed.

As an additional feature to the blog, a new Crime Reports page has been created and will be accessible from the home page by clicking on the link listed above.  Each week as new reports are released, a new link will be added to the list for our residents and members to view and become informed about the type of nefarious activity occurring within our neighborhood.  Also, keeping an eye out on your neighbors is always a good thing, too.  You know who belongs and who doesn't.  Even making an effort to say hello to 'strangers' will let them know that they've been seen and can be described should something end up being reported missing. 

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