Volunteers Make it Happen. Volunteers Needed!

It’s nearing that time of year when allot of us will begin thinking about making plans for the 4th of July on Angle Lake. A time of celebration with family, friends, and neighbors, a time to participate in the parade, the 5k+ walk/run around the lake, or the swim and/or boat races or simply be an enthusiastic spectator. It is a day filled with playing in the water, an afternoon full of great food and of course an evening of fireworks. We sure hope you enjoy the fireworks as much as we do!

However, for there to be fireworks to enjoy, there needs to be money available to purchase the fireworks.  And gathering money requires volunteers  being available to visit each of our neighbors to collect their contributions.

Now mind you if you will, this isn't your standard door to door fundraiser or normal cold call solicitation as most every resident whose been here more than a year actually expects and welcomes a visit from the ALSC volunteers – because they are excited to help maintain the tradition of fireworks over the lake and realize that any funds above the amount necessary still go to funding the various club events – activities that truly make this a highly desirable and unique community to live in.

If you've never volunteered to do this before, we encourage you to consider doing so this year.  It is not because previous volunteers aren't interested in doing it again (for many are repeat volunteers) however we see this as another great occasion to get to know your adjacent neighbors, furthering the opportunity to build a strong community around you.  Furthermore, you’ll receive complete instructions and necessary materials during an upcoming orientation meeting hosted by club president, Lonnie Goulet, so that you will be well prepared and comfortable approaching your neighbors. Plus all volunteers will be entered into a raffle prize drawing for fabulous gifts as a expressed appreciation of your time.

If you’re interested in participating in our annual fireworks collection and membership drive, please email the blog at anglelakesc@gmail.com supplying your name and contact phone number and a representative will contact you with further information.

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