King County Master Recycler Composter Program

Joint Manor Club and Shore Club Meeting
May 3rd at 7:00 PM
Todd Residence 3910 S. 192nd Street (Post 78)

The Angle Lake Shore Club in partnership with the Angle Lake Manor Club will host a joint membership meeting on May 3rd at 7:00 PM where invited representatives from the King County Solid Waste Division will present information on recycling to assist increasing awareness of the benefits of recycling and reveal new methods to help increase waste reduction.

The King County Recycle More program provides a thorough introduction to residential composting and recycling standards for King County residents. The presentation walks through what recycling and composting looks like in King County, data around King County’s recycling efforts, explain why we should recycle more, share ideas on how we can recycle more, the basics of what we can and cannot recycle, and useful resources where one can research these topics further. 

Information will be available at the meeting for you to take home for future reference: 
  • Food scrap tip cards, in English and Spanish
  • Curbside recycling and food scraps one-sheets, in English and Spanish
  • Recycle More Facebook tip cards
  • Go Green card
  • Compostable bag samples
  • Your Recycling, Yard Waste, Food Scraps, Garbage magnetic guides
Light snacks will be provided plus we plan to raffle off a couple of the nice compostable containers, either stainless steel or ceramic.  No purchase necessary, must be present to win.

We encourage all residents to attend this meeting for an opportunity to visit with your neighbors and together discover the numerous new opportunities we can take advantage of to reduce our disposal expenses while improving our environment.

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto!

Regardless which way you pronounce it, we say Becky Johnson has a great offer for you to help in raising funds to benefit a local non-profit while also scoring some very nice tomato plants to own. Becky has raised tomatoes in her greenhouse at Fire Post 15 and is selling them to raise funds to benefit the Master Gardener Foundation.  See the list below regarding the varieties grown, although at this date some may already be sold out.  Most plants are available in gallon pots @ $5.00. A few will be in 4" pots at $2.00. If you are interested purchasing any number of these plants, please email,  or phone 206 852-1952 to place an order and arrange for pick up. Additional varieties may be available if you order before 4/29 so that they can be retrieved from other gardeners greenhouses.   Thanks for your support!

A note about Master Gardeners
The WSU Extension Master Gardener program began in 1972 in King County, Washington. The program now exists in all 50 states and many other countries. The King County Master Gardener program is one of the largest in the world.

Master Gardener volunteers are trained para-professionals who work in the community as horticulture advisors and resources for home gardeners. Originally focused on diagnosing plant problems, the program now also offers proactive educational programs that address critical issues such as water quality protection and safer pest management practices. Master Gardeners work with all citizens, including children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Tomatos, Tomahtos, Tomatoes – so many varieties to choose!
  • Applause Hybrid: Earliest Big tomato. 8-12 oz. Det. 66 days
  • Balconi red:  cherry good for 12”pot or hanging basket
  • Balconi yellow: cherry good for 12” pot or hanging basket
  • Bitonto: Hybrid cherry. Det. 55days.  Container.
  • Black Cherry:  Likes greenhouse.  Ind./Cordon 65 days
  • Black Plum: Heirloom. ind. 72 days
  • Broad Ripple: yel/or. Currant. Ind. 75 days
  • Container Choice: 8 oz fruit. Container. Det. 69 days
  • Dombito:  red beefsteak. 9-10 oz fruit.  Det. 69-80 days
  • Dona:  French heirloom.  Med. Sized red fruit. Ind. 75 days
  • Gold Rush currant:  orange mini cherry. Indet. 75 days
  • Golden Rave: grape/roma. “Romanita”. 2” fruit. Ind. 67 days. Split res.
  • Ildi: yellow cherry, slightly pear-shaped.  High yielding. 53dys
  • Jaune Flammée:  small golden fruit. Good for drying. Ind. 70-80 days
  • Legend F1 Hybrid: blight tol. Det. 100 days
  • Maskatka cherry: Container or basket. 1 ½” fruit. Det. 90 days
  • Mater Sandwich: slicer. 10-16 oz fruit. Stake well! Ind. 75 days
  • Mexico Midget:  red mini cherry (currant). Indet. 60-65 days. Split res.
  • Micro Tom cherry: 5-8” tall. 85 days
  • Orange Banana: Sauce/slicing. 3-4” fruit. Ind.  85 days
  • Patio F Hybrid:  det. Only 2’ tall.  2” red fruit. 70 days
  • Red Currant: 1/3” fruit. Ind. 70 days
  • Rosada F1 Hybrid:  grape split res.  Best in greenhouse, ind. 95 days
  • Solid Gold: grape. Golden yellow. Ind. 65 days
  • Sun Gold: or. Cherry. Sweetest tomato. Ind. 95 days
  • Super Marzano VFNT Hybrid: Large red paste. Ind.  70 days
  • Sweet Hearts: grape. 1 ½” fruit. Ind. 65 days
  • Sweet Million F1:  1” cherry. Ind. 75 days
  • Sweet Pea.  Red teeny-tiny currant. Ind. Cont. 62 days. Hanging basket.
  • Sweet Treats Pink Cherry: Ind. 110 days
  • Tamina:  Red.  Early ripening.  Heavy bearing 2 ½ oz fruits. Ind.
  • Tomaccio:  sweet raisin. bred for drying. Ind. Tall!
  • Tumbling Junior F1: gold/yel cherry. Det. 100 days. Hanging basket.
  • Tumbling Tom Red: Cherry. Container or hanging basket. 70 days
  • Tumbling Tom Yellow: Cherry. Container or hanging basket. 70 days. 
  • Vilma cherry: Container. 20-24” tall. 95 days.  No pinching.
  • White Currant: Ind. 70-75 days
  • Window Box Roma: Container! Det. 70 days. 
  • Yellow Currant: Ind. 70 days
  • Yellow Pear:  Pear/cherry. Ind. 75 day maturity. Best just past yellow.
Be sure to get your order in right away for the best possible selection.

Another Fine Day for Fishing

The Annual Angle Lake Fishing Derby was hosted by the Shore Club and held on Sunday, April 17th this year.  I have to suspect that the rather long, cold winter of 2010-2011 might have played a role to help build one of our largest attended derbies to date, that or there is a sudden surge in popularity and interest toward the sport of fishing!

An estimated crowd of nearly two hundred area residents and guests gathered on the shores at Steven’s beach to view the haul from the lake.  The total count participating in the fishing competition appeared to be down from previous years but the actual number of large trout brought in for measurement was definitely up!  When faced with a four way tie for largest fish, each of the four fish initially measuring in at 18 ½”, a re-measurement was ordered.  Three of the four still came in at the original measurement – however a fourth was re-declared to come in at eighteen and five-eighths inches!  After close inspection to ensure there was no attempt at increasing the length of the prize trout by flattening from foot stomping – Doug Newsom was declared the overall winner of the 2011 Angle Lake Fishing Derby.  Congratulations to Doug and all the other class winners. Please enjoy the enclosed picture slideshow recapping the day's activities. 
The Angle Lake Shore Club would also like to thank everyone, fishing or not, for your generous financial contribution and support for this event.  Your active participation is why this event continues to be a huge success and a cherished neighborhood activity to look forward to year after year.  

Community Events This Week

Looking for something to do this week?  The following are two events being hosted within our neighborhood you should consider checking out:
Thursday, April 21st – SeaTac Health and Wellness Fair 
Tyee Campus Small Gym 5:30 – 7:30  PM.

Come browse the exhibits to discover how to adopt healthy habits for the whole family.  Learn how to prevent diabetes, prevent obesity, and choose healthy food.  Additional information regarding medical, dental, counseling services and more will be available at the fair.

Saturday, April 23rd – Egg Hunt
Angle Lake Park 9:00 AM until eggs are gone

Grab the wee one’s and head off early to the park for the annual Egg Hunt.  The event start at 9 am sharp and doesn’t take much longer than a two minute egg to finish.  You provide a basket and the SeaTac Firefighter’s will supply the candy!  This event is intended for children 10 years and under.  So hop to it!

Fishing Derby This Sunday!

According to the various forecasts, weather folks are predicting partly sunny skies with a slight chance of rain and temps sitting about the half century mark this Sunday.  Not a bad day at all to do some Spring fishing, winning, dinning and socializing!

The big day kicks off on Sunday at 7:00 AM on the shore of Shirley Steven’s place with an offering of warm drinks and muffins.  Once you’re done fueling up on the morning refreshments it’s game on for participants to compete in their respective age category where the largest fish will be eligible for a merchandise reward. Landing the largest fish overall will net you 100 clams cold cash!  Only one winner will be awarded per category prize. 

Steven's Beach - Post 60
Fishing Contest 7:00 AM - 12 Noon. 
Lunch, Awards and Raffle Drawings 12:00 – 2:00 PM

If you weren’t successful bagging the biggest fish prize, no worries because your derby ticket or tickets will be used as your entry into the prize rich raffle drawing.  After recognition has been given to the fishing competition winners for the biggest fish in each age group, we’ll break for a Barbeque Lunch and after which we’ll hold a raffle for all ticket holders for a chance to win an item from a sea of prizes! Top Raffle Prize is a 32” LCD Flat Screen TV!  We’ll also be selling and renewing Shore Club Membership at the event.  Please refer to the FLYER for additional information.

Boat Found While Selling Derby Tickets

While out selling Fishing Derby Tickets Saturday, Roger Hartje at Post 39 informed me that a rather nice polypropylene fishing boat had washed up on his beach last summer around the Fourth of July and is still resting there almost a year later.

I recall this having been listed for several months in the Lost & Found Section of the web site with apparently no success so I figured I’d try to post this as a blog story front and center with a photo in hope that someone might claim it…. As you can see by the photo, it appears to be water tight as it’s doing a great job holding water! 

If you know who this boat belongs to, please refer them to the Hartje Beach at the end of the drive at Post 39.  If you haven't yet had a chance to purchase Entry / Raffle Tickets for the Angle Lake Fishing Derby next Sunday, April 17th - email us at and we'll send someone over with tickets for purchase.

First Trout Plant of the 2011

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website reveals that 6,000 Rainbow Trout were planted in Angle Lake on March 21, 2011. According to the department this equates to about 3 fish per pound and the batch originates from the Puyallup Hatchery. 

Landing one of these small fry is not going to net anyone the top derby prize of $100 however there’s a great possibility one or more of them Trilpiod Trophy Trout may still be lurking in the waters out there somewhere and reeling in one of those will not only give you the thrill of the catch but also a good chance of bagging a hundred clams, too!

2010 WDFW Catchable Trout Plant
Fish per pound
March 09

March 11

April 05
Trout Lodge
Triploid Trophy Trout 1.5 lbs each
May 03
Trout Lodge
Triploid Trophy Trout 1.5 lbs each

2009 WDFW Catchable Trout Plant
Fish per pound
March 30

March 30

April 13
Trout Lodge
Triploid Trophy Trout 1.5 lbs each
May 11
Trout Lodge
Triploid Trophy Trout 1.5 lbs each

A Note about Triploid Trout 
Angle Lake is one of 108 lakes and ponds throughout the state that will be stocked with 50,000 triploid trout that average 1½ pounds each. These trout, purchased by the Department from private growers, are sterile rainbows that have the potential to grow to trophy size if abundant food is available, and if not harvested the first season after stocking. These fish are not “genetically modified,” but are sterilized by heat- or pressure-treating the eggs after fertilization. Some triploid trout fry are stocked in areas where natural reproduction of hatchery trout could adversely affect native species. 

A Meeting With The Interim City Manager

The Officers of the Angle Lake Manor Club have invited SeaTac Interim City Manager, Todd Cutts to speak at their next upcoming meeting for an opportunity to present an overview of the various projects and activities the city has recently completed, is currently undertaking, and are being planned for.  After the presentation there will be a period where audience members can ask questions, offer comments or suggestions and for Cutts to respond to. All Lake area residents are welcomed to attend.   

When: April 5th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Where: Matt Griffin YMCA, Safeco Room 
3595 S 188th Street, SeaTac, WA 98188

This is a great opportunity to hear firsthand how your city is continuously striving to improve the quality of life for all residents and to become better acquainted with neighbors from all sides of the lake during the social hour immediately following Cutts presentation.