Another Fine Day for Fishing

The Annual Angle Lake Fishing Derby was hosted by the Shore Club and held on Sunday, April 17th this year.  I have to suspect that the rather long, cold winter of 2010-2011 might have played a role to help build one of our largest attended derbies to date, that or there is a sudden surge in popularity and interest toward the sport of fishing!

An estimated crowd of nearly two hundred area residents and guests gathered on the shores at Steven’s beach to view the haul from the lake.  The total count participating in the fishing competition appeared to be down from previous years but the actual number of large trout brought in for measurement was definitely up!  When faced with a four way tie for largest fish, each of the four fish initially measuring in at 18 ½”, a re-measurement was ordered.  Three of the four still came in at the original measurement – however a fourth was re-declared to come in at eighteen and five-eighths inches!  After close inspection to ensure there was no attempt at increasing the length of the prize trout by flattening from foot stomping – Doug Newsom was declared the overall winner of the 2011 Angle Lake Fishing Derby.  Congratulations to Doug and all the other class winners. Please enjoy the enclosed picture slideshow recapping the day's activities. 
The Angle Lake Shore Club would also like to thank everyone, fishing or not, for your generous financial contribution and support for this event.  Your active participation is why this event continues to be a huge success and a cherished neighborhood activity to look forward to year after year.  

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Another great event!