You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto!

Regardless which way you pronounce it, we say Becky Johnson has a great offer for you to help in raising funds to benefit a local non-profit while also scoring some very nice tomato plants to own. Becky has raised tomatoes in her greenhouse at Fire Post 15 and is selling them to raise funds to benefit the Master Gardener Foundation.  See the list below regarding the varieties grown, although at this date some may already be sold out.  Most plants are available in gallon pots @ $5.00. A few will be in 4" pots at $2.00. If you are interested purchasing any number of these plants, please email,  or phone 206 852-1952 to place an order and arrange for pick up. Additional varieties may be available if you order before 4/29 so that they can be retrieved from other gardeners greenhouses.   Thanks for your support!

A note about Master Gardeners
The WSU Extension Master Gardener program began in 1972 in King County, Washington. The program now exists in all 50 states and many other countries. The King County Master Gardener program is one of the largest in the world.

Master Gardener volunteers are trained para-professionals who work in the community as horticulture advisors and resources for home gardeners. Originally focused on diagnosing plant problems, the program now also offers proactive educational programs that address critical issues such as water quality protection and safer pest management practices. Master Gardeners work with all citizens, including children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Tomatos, Tomahtos, Tomatoes – so many varieties to choose!
  • Applause Hybrid: Earliest Big tomato. 8-12 oz. Det. 66 days
  • Balconi red:  cherry good for 12”pot or hanging basket
  • Balconi yellow: cherry good for 12” pot or hanging basket
  • Bitonto: Hybrid cherry. Det. 55days.  Container.
  • Black Cherry:  Likes greenhouse.  Ind./Cordon 65 days
  • Black Plum: Heirloom. ind. 72 days
  • Broad Ripple: yel/or. Currant. Ind. 75 days
  • Container Choice: 8 oz fruit. Container. Det. 69 days
  • Dombito:  red beefsteak. 9-10 oz fruit.  Det. 69-80 days
  • Dona:  French heirloom.  Med. Sized red fruit. Ind. 75 days
  • Gold Rush currant:  orange mini cherry. Indet. 75 days
  • Golden Rave: grape/roma. “Romanita”. 2” fruit. Ind. 67 days. Split res.
  • Ildi: yellow cherry, slightly pear-shaped.  High yielding. 53dys
  • Jaune Flammée:  small golden fruit. Good for drying. Ind. 70-80 days
  • Legend F1 Hybrid: blight tol. Det. 100 days
  • Maskatka cherry: Container or basket. 1 ½” fruit. Det. 90 days
  • Mater Sandwich: slicer. 10-16 oz fruit. Stake well! Ind. 75 days
  • Mexico Midget:  red mini cherry (currant). Indet. 60-65 days. Split res.
  • Micro Tom cherry: 5-8” tall. 85 days
  • Orange Banana: Sauce/slicing. 3-4” fruit. Ind.  85 days
  • Patio F Hybrid:  det. Only 2’ tall.  2” red fruit. 70 days
  • Red Currant: 1/3” fruit. Ind. 70 days
  • Rosada F1 Hybrid:  grape split res.  Best in greenhouse, ind. 95 days
  • Solid Gold: grape. Golden yellow. Ind. 65 days
  • Sun Gold: or. Cherry. Sweetest tomato. Ind. 95 days
  • Super Marzano VFNT Hybrid: Large red paste. Ind.  70 days
  • Sweet Hearts: grape. 1 ½” fruit. Ind. 65 days
  • Sweet Million F1:  1” cherry. Ind. 75 days
  • Sweet Pea.  Red teeny-tiny currant. Ind. Cont. 62 days. Hanging basket.
  • Sweet Treats Pink Cherry: Ind. 110 days
  • Tamina:  Red.  Early ripening.  Heavy bearing 2 ½ oz fruits. Ind.
  • Tomaccio:  sweet raisin. bred for drying. Ind. Tall!
  • Tumbling Junior F1: gold/yel cherry. Det. 100 days. Hanging basket.
  • Tumbling Tom Red: Cherry. Container or hanging basket. 70 days
  • Tumbling Tom Yellow: Cherry. Container or hanging basket. 70 days. 
  • Vilma cherry: Container. 20-24” tall. 95 days.  No pinching.
  • White Currant: Ind. 70-75 days
  • Window Box Roma: Container! Det. 70 days. 
  • Yellow Currant: Ind. 70 days
  • Yellow Pear:  Pear/cherry. Ind. 75 day maturity. Best just past yellow.
Be sure to get your order in right away for the best possible selection.

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