Boat Found While Selling Derby Tickets

While out selling Fishing Derby Tickets Saturday, Roger Hartje at Post 39 informed me that a rather nice polypropylene fishing boat had washed up on his beach last summer around the Fourth of July and is still resting there almost a year later.

I recall this having been listed for several months in the Lost & Found Section of the web site with apparently no success so I figured I’d try to post this as a blog story front and center with a photo in hope that someone might claim it…. As you can see by the photo, it appears to be water tight as it’s doing a great job holding water! 

If you know who this boat belongs to, please refer them to the Hartje Beach at the end of the drive at Post 39.  If you haven't yet had a chance to purchase Entry / Raffle Tickets for the Angle Lake Fishing Derby next Sunday, April 17th - email us at and we'll send someone over with tickets for purchase.

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