New Year's Day - Polar Bear Plunge!

Ring in the New Year with friends & good cheer. Join your neighbors at the Angle Lake Manor Club Beach Lot for coffee, Trader Joe’s gluten free treats, Grand Central Bakery pastries and a hot Azteca party platter.

Fabulous prizes will be raffled.
Bring food or money to help replenish the Highline Food Bank depleted by holiday demand and get a raffle ticket for your Food Bank donation, get another for wearing a costume and yet another for taking the plunge! Special Grand Prize goes to the best costume, so dress up and help assure the most fun event of the year!

Angle Lake Manor Club Beach
3419 South 194th Street
January 1st, 2022

  • 11:00 AM Gates Open, Light Refreshments Offered
  • 12:00 AM Raffle Prize Drawings and The Big Plunge after
  • 01:00 PM Conclusion
Hints and Safety Tips:
  • Dress Up in costume over your swimsuit to add whimsy
  • Come Early. Parking is limited. Carpool or come by boat.
  • Anyone with heart problems should consult your health care provider before participating. If you don't participate, you’re still welcome to join us and watch.
  • Do Not Drink. Alcohol does not warm you up. It accelerates hypothermia.
  • Do Not Stay In The Water Longer Than 15 Minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in the water than in air.
  • Keep Your Outer Clothing On until swim time and remove any wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
  • Have Fun!

Collecting donations that benefit our local food bank, winning prizes, enjoying the company of our neighbors and having a Great Time. That’s the true Reason why we’ll be out there Freezin’!  Hope you’ll plan to join us!  For additional information, contact Tani Rae at (206) 300-5740.

The Santa Cruise That Almost Wasn't!

Two days before Santa’s planned visit, the Goulet Boyz and Fuzz spent the afternoon transforming Bruce’s pontoon boat into Santa’s Christmas Boat. The canopy was erected over the front to cover guests coming on board to meet Santa and hundreds of lights strung from aft to stern and port to starboard to light the way. After a decent day of work, the determined group finished installing all the holiday decorations before nightfall. All was set and ready to go to greet Santa on board.

Friday brought with it heavy rain, which could be a bit unpleasant for guests waiting on the docks to greet Santa, but once onboard, they’d be undercover and kept dry. Perhaps the weather would turn better the next day?  Saturday rolled around with continuing rain, and it looked certain that it was going to be a wet one, but then around one o’clock that afternoon, the clouds dissipated and sunshine filled the sky. Could this be grace bestowed upon the Angle Lake Shore Club, proving weather predictions wrong again and presenting pleasant conditions for the event? It indeed seemed that way until suddenly, near 3:30 pm, a violent squall let loose with strong winds approaching 45 mph! Within a span of about 20 minutes, the heavy winds had left the canopy in a twisted mess of canvass and metal. Several light strings were detached and strewn about the deck of the Christmas boat and onto the dock. The effort to prepare in advance of the event seemed to be all for not. It now appeared that the inclement weather had taken its toll and would force the cancelation of Santa’s Christmas Cruise. 

Phones began lighting up, inquiring if we should take the risk of continuing as planned by taking Santa around by boat to all the docks or if we should consider loading him in a van and visiting by way of land instead. Many questions needed answers, as we were closing in on less than an hour away from the first scheduled stop. 

Almost as quickly as the storm rolled in, the winds calmed, and the rains ceased. However, the canopy was confirmed to be a total loss. Santa would indeed get soaked if it started raining again, leaving him cold and wet. Regardless, the team decided that the event would go on as planned as Santa was determined to keep his scheduled rounds and not disappoint the children expecting him. Bruce said he’d take care of redecorating the boat and exceeded everyone’s expectations by pulling the display back together all by himself in time for the start of the event beginning! 

In the end, the ship glided brilliantly illuminated through the dry nighttime sky. And Santa was able to greet over 40 children around the lake, including a final visit at the Angle Lake Mobile Home Park before its scheduled closing next year. 

Thank you to Santa, the entire crew and especially Bruce and Sandy for undergoing an extra special effort to ensure priceless childhood memories were created that will last throughout their lifetime. Photos captured during the event may be viewed HERE.  

Bruce and Sandy Goulet
Principal Event Coordinators

Adopt-A-Street SeaTac registration opens Jan. 3

A new opportunity will provide individuals, local businesses and organizations a chance to beautify SeaTac by picking up littler along the streets.

SeaTac is starting its first ever Adopt-A-Street program, which will offer individuals, local businesses and organizations an opportunity to beautify SeaTac by picking up littler along the streets.

Adopting a street means that you will make a commitment to clean up litter four times per year along a street segment of your choice. We will support you with litter pickers, gloves, safety vests, garbage bags and will post a sign along the street for all to see who is doing the amazing Adopt-A-Street work.

Removing litter improves safety and the appearance of the community, and also prevents pollution from entering drainage systems and waterways.

The program opens Jan. 3 at noon. Streets will be provided on a first come first served basis. Requests need to be emailed to, requests will not be honored if sent in before the start time. 

Please include:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Street section requested

Let the Holiday Celebrations Begin!

Happy Holidays from the Office of the President!

Tonight, December 11th, Santa will be on board a pontoon boat cruising the lake and stopping at selected docks beginning at 5 pm and continue until around 8 pm. That jolly old elf will be sharing smiles, joy, and providing gift bags to the little ones! If you have the chance, drop down to the lakeshore and give him a big wave of gratitude. Check out the map below for his traffic pattern and bring the kids too! 

Tomorrow, Sunday December 12th is the annual Christmas Party. While the party is less formal this year, it will be filled with holiday joy thanks to your presence! You'll enjoy food and drinks and holiday cheer. Christmas is a time to embrace the warmth and love of family and friends and we hope that you can all make it. 

The price is free, with payment of your annual club dues: 
Only $10 for an individual or $20 for the entire family. 

Dick and I will be there and looking forward to meeting everyone who can join us! The New Year is approaching and I'm looking forward to 2022, most of all enjoying it with you. 

Below are the details of the party. Please contact Nancy via text or call (206)-465-0988 if you have any questions about the gathering! 

Holiday Party: 
Date: December 12th  Time: 2-5pm
Cost:  Dues $10 Individual / $20 Family
Location: Standridge Residence
3316 S 194th St,  Angle Lake Manor

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings! 

XOX Karlene 

Santa's Visit to Angle Lake! (FINAL)

Santa’s elves are busily preparing the special Christmas Pontoon Boat for Santa Claus’ return visit to Angle Lake on Saturday, December 11th.

The Shore Club has arranged the following spots around the lake where children and their families can gather to meet Santa, share their wish list and gift ideas, pose for Christmas family photos and receive a small gift bag from Santa.

2021 Saturday, December 11th

  • 5:00 pm – AL Mobile Home Park
  • 5:40 pm – Swarner Lot 4/19
  • 6:00 pm – Kremer Lot 4/09
  • 6:20 pm – Williams Post 72
  • 6:40 pm – The Reserve Post 67 
  • 7:00 pm – Gutierrez Post 54
  • 7:20 pm – Savala Post 44
  • 7:40 pm – Beesley Post 28
  • 8:00 pm - Yorozu Post 14
  • 8:20 pm – Steinke Post 3

We encourage anyone who is interested meeting with Santa to gather at one of the locations listed above. Children 14 and younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Click on the image below to download a copy of the Route Map.

We're Having a Party - And You're Invited!

Holiday Greetings

After a dreary year of social isolation, your Angle Lake Shore Club is pleased to announce that we are bringing back the annual Christmas Party this year, open to all adult members. 

The event will be an outdoor gathering on the spacious deck of Jonathan and Tani Rae Standridge but offering more of an ‘open house’ feel. We’ll have a covered patio in case it rains and, heat lamps will be available to warm by. And the club will provide adult and non-alcoholic refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. 

To join the party, you only have to pay your 2022 ALSC Membership Dues. 

Date: December 12th 
Time: 2-5pm 
Cost:  Dues $10 Individual / $20 Family
Location:  Standridge Residence
                 3316 S 194th St
                 Angle Lake Manor

RSVP requested by December 9th 
Text or Call to Nancy at 206-465-0988

EGAD! We've been Grinched



After this was spotted on the ALSC Headquarters Ring (r) camera, we knew something was up. As a result of many investigations, we discovered the Grinch had changed the Santa Cruise contact phone number listed on the Blog!!!  

We now have the proper number displayed as (206) 387-3960. 

There is still time to reserve a stop by December 4th !

Get Your Green On, again!

“Get Your Green On” returns to the Angle Lake Park Nature Trail and is a great way to ensure the park environment remains healthy and safe!  

From 9 am to 12:00 pm
Meet at Angle Lake Park Boat Ramp

Two years ago, Shore Club Members with Port of Seattle and Green SeaTac Partnership volunteers planted 200 native plants at the Angle Lake Park Nature Trail. The event planned for Dec. 4 is to perform maintenance to ensure the new plantings from 2019 can continue to thrive. Volunteers are needed for this event to help remove invasive plant species and spread woodchips. 

In addition to the group collectively working to ensure the environmental health of the park, event leaders will share information about ‘going green’ at home. Environmentalists will offer tips on using natural lawn and garden care to help reduce dependence on consumer agricultural chemicals, recycle more, and safely dispose of household items to help ensure the high-quality lake health is maintained.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions about Going Green at Home, please call the city’s Public Works Coordinator, Mason Giem, at 206-973-4763 or email at

Please consider the following: regular and repeated volunteer maintenance of the nature trail park helps to ensure environmental health by removing unwelcome invasive plants. Frequent group activity also helps prevent unwanted activity from taking root in this area, ensuring this park remains safe for family use. Please consider spending at least an hour or more with us to demonstrate you care! 

Act Now to Request a Visit from Santa!


Ask a grown-up to contact Kerry Steinke by Saturday, December 4th, to request a stop at your dock!

Santa plans to return to Angle Lake on Saturday, December 11th, from  5:00 until 8:00 pm. He's looking forward to this particular time to visit with the children, presenting them with a small gift bag to help hold them over until Christmas Day. Regarding any covid concerns, Santa will remain on the Christmas Boat and visit the children from a safe distance while they stay on the dock.  

If you'd like to secure a stop at your dock, don't hesitate to get in touch with Kerry Steinke by telephone at (206)387-3960 or by sending an email to  Include the number of children expected, and if you prefer an early or late stop, we'll confirm if we can accommodate your request.  If you don't live along the waterfront or have a dock, please indicate this as well, and we'll pair you up with someone who does.

Don’t Delay – Call Today! 

South 200th Street Corridor Survey Closes Nov 30th

If you use South 200th Street to get around then this post applies to you!

The City of SeaTac is conducting a South 200th Street Corridor Study. During the first round of community interviews the following issues were identified:

  • Folks have a difficult time turning left off South 200th Street onto side streets or into residential driveways.
  • Lack of adequate space for pedestrians and bicyclists – narrow sidewalks and lack of bike lanes.
  • Lack of safe ways along the corridor to access transit (both light rail and buses).
  • Lack of vehicle and pedestrian lighting.
  • Concerns about how any changes to the corridor will affect congestion.
  • Concern about how changes can be made with existing ROW constraints
  • Speed and noise of traffic is a concern for residents along this route

In addition to the concerns above, this area will see additional change due to completion of the upcoming SR 509 extension and Federal Way Link Light Rail Extension. 

The purpose of this study is to ensure that South 200th Street meets the needs of all users (whether you walk, bike or drive) now and into the future. The study highlights some options to improve South 200th Street from Angle Lake Light Rail Station to the I-5 ramps. The options under consideration are intended to increase multi-modal travel and improve safety within this major arterial.

You can share your opinion on the different corridor options online at: —with the site letting you rank options in order of your preference. The survey closes on Nov. 30.

The answers collected will be compiled and used to determine corridor option preference recommendation along with traffic modeling, safety and other analysis. If you have questions about the possible corridor improvements and options or the survey itself please contact Project Manager David Tomporowski at

BooCruise Spooktacular October 31st

Calling all kids in costumes! Get your trick or treating started right! Join us lake side for the community wide Angle Lake Shore Club Spooktacular BooCruise! All are Welcome.

Halloween Day, Sunday, October 31st: 3:30-5PM

Halloween 2021 marks the return of the annual Trick-or-Treat Halloween event - the ALSC Boo Cruise Spooktacular! Between 3:30 - 5PM the Boo Boat will travel Angle Lake in a counterclockwise direction offering spooky snacks to children and their families who are dressed in costume! 

We’ll have our club photographer onboard ready to take family photos for you or with you and our Hallows Eve Helpers. You never know who -or what - might be on board to greet you this year, so this is one you will not want to miss! 

Please email Donna Bennett - if you would like the Boo Cruise to stop at your dock and indicate the number of kids that are expected to be present.

2021 Fall Newsletter!

The latest edition of the Angle Lake Shore Club Newsletter is now available for viewing at this LINK!

In this edition you will:

  • Meet our New Club President! 
  •      ...and the newly crowned KING of ANGLE LAKE!
  • Discover the "Swimmin' Women"
  •      ...and learn of your new neighbors 
Next Event: The Halloween Boo Cruise is scheduled to sail on October 31st 3:30 to 5:00 PM. 

Further details will be posted right here at:

BOAT RACES: Love Them or Loathe Them?

An opinion survey is being conducted through October 30th to gauge community support of the Annual Boat Races on Angle Lake. The survey consists of one question: “Do you support permitting boat racing one weekend a year?” A binary YES or NO response is requested and requires that your home address be provided to verify only one response is received per residence. 

The survey can be completed using any internet connected device, including mobile phones, and is located here:


How did we get here?

In 2012, a few Angle Lake Shore Club members pondered event concepts that might increase interest in the area and offer family entertainment to our local community. Discussion included having festivals like Celebrate America (HERE and HERE), hosting athletic competitions like a Des Moines Creek/Angle Lake Triathlon, holding a dinghy class sailboat regatta, and bringing hydroplane racing back to Angle Lake. As crazy as it seemed during that time, several residents attested that hydroplane racing events had occurred on Angle Lake in the distant past. So a small task force was formed to begin exploring the possibility of reintroducing hydroplane racing back into the community.

When discussing the idea with individuals outside the group, first impressions were formed from their recollection of Seafair Unlimited Hydroplane Racing experiences—recalling when groups of often inebriated race fans gathered to watch large and noisy boats racing around an oval course at an extremely high rate of speed. And based on those memories, who would welcome that kind of experience to a small residential community?

While the design for the overall event was to be modeled after the Seafair race format, research revealed that Junior Series Hydroplane and Small Outboard Boat Racing is not comprised of a bunch of old white guys feeding their need for speed but is proven to truly be a family sport comprised of youth, both boys and girls, working together with their families, both Moms, and Dads (and even grandparents), learning the art and skill of boat building; developing mechanical expertise; and experiencing the sport of organized racing. Who wouldn’t want to support an event of that nature in their community?

In 2013 a survey to gauge interest in bringing back boat racing was sent out to 177 homes around the lake. Of the 174 responses received, only 14% were not in favor of the idea. At that time, it was evident that there was support from the majority of the community, but could we gain the necessary approval from City of SeaTac authorities to stage the races at Angle Lake Park? After several rounds of negotiation with city representatives over the span of a couple of years, the City Council finally voted to approve a one-time event to be held on a trial basis in 2016. By delivering a highly successful, high-quality family event that first year reaffirmed community interest and eliminated the unjustified accusations that the event would have a detrimental effect on the lake environment. 

The race event has been held each year from 2016 through 2021, with only one year – 2020 canceled due to the Covid 19 Pandemic Restrictions.  Having been five years since the original survey was performed, city staff felt it prudent to re-survey the surrounding community to reaffirm majority interest still exists within the community.

The Rest, as they say, is History. 

Last Splash of Summer! September 25th.

Angle Lake Park
September 25th, 2021
Registered Swimmer Check In
8:30 AM

The swimmers are coming back to Angle Lake, SeaTac, WA this year!!! The Last Splash of Summer is the last open-water competitive racing event of the season for adults and kids swimmers. 

Interested in participating as a swimmer? 
Registration ends Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 11:59 pm PDT for any of the following events: 
  • 500 Yards for 9 - 12-year-olds (this is a no-wetsuit event).  
  • 1 Mile Wetsuit 
  • 1 Mile No-Wetsuit 
  • 2 Mile Wetsuit 
  • 2 Mile No-Wetsuit 
  • 1 Mile Julie Montiel Memorial *

This year will also feature 1 Mile Julie Montiel Friends and Family Swim. Fins, snorkels, masks, wetsuits, and swim buoys are allowed for this one event. Hand paddles are not allowed.

Race participant check-in starts at 8:30 AM; racing 9:00 and 12:00, and awards presentation will wrap things up from Noon to 1:00 PM.

Interested in volunteering for the event? 
Course Safety Spotters on a kayak, paddleboard, or aqua bike are needed (must bring your own floatation device). If you’re able to assist, show up at the park by 8:30 to attend a safety meeting, get a radio, and receive an area assignment.  

The Race Organizers will also need resources to deploy the buoys for the swim course in the evening of  Friday, September 24th. They will also need help in retrieving the buoys after the race on Saturday, September 25th.

If you have a boat available and are available to help, please contact Eric Durbin at or send a text message to 206-423-8043 indicating if you can help set out buoys, retrieve buoys or both!

October 26th - Public Hearing on Work-Release Facilities Moratorium

The SeaTac City Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, establishing a temporary “moratorium” on creating new work-release facilities in the City. Comments may be sent to:

Within the rights of local control, SeaTac Municipal Code authorizes “Halfway House” uses within the Office/Commercial (O/CM), Community Business (CB), Community Business in the Urban Center (CB-C), and Regional Business Mix (RBX) zoning designations. “Halfway House” is defined as a “State licensed work/release facilities and other housing facilities serving as an alternative to incarceration” and is recognized as an Essential Public Facility. The City of SeaTac currently hosts approximately fifteen essential public facilities within the SeaTac city limits. Sea-Tac Airport, Interstate 5 and State Route Roadways 518 and 99, Light Rail and Lite Rail Station Facilities, Federal Detention Center are some examples.

Between February 2021 and August 2021, representatives of the City of SeaTac have been actively engaged with the Washington State Department of Corrections, stating concern for sighting a Work-Release Facility at the Sea-Tac Crest Motor Inn at 18845 Int’l Blvd.

On March 26, 2021, the City of SeaTac Mayor Erin Sitterley signed a letter requesting that the Washington Department of Corrections take action to address numerous concerns, including the effect a work release facility would have on SeaTac’s historically disadvantaged Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community, and further noting that the establishment of a work-release facility will directly conflict and is incompatible with the City’s vision for SeaTac’s Urban Center and conflict with the hospitality industry focus of the Urban Center.

July 20, 2021, the City of SeaTac City Manager Carl Cole, together with the City Managers of the Cities of Burien, Des Moines, and Normandy Park, signed a joint letter to the Washington Department of Corrections again expressing numerous concerns and requesting, in part, that the Washington Department of Corrections take action to address impacts to social equity and the effects of concentrating Essential Public Facilities into a relatively small geographic area.

Responding to each of these letters, the Department of Correction further declined to take any meaningful action to address the stated concerns. On August 17, DOC indicated they would proceed with the evaluation of a work-release facility in SeaTac.

With consideration for the prevention of potential harm to public health, safety, welfare, and peace within our community, the City Council determined that review of ‘Halfway House’ development regulations is necessary to ensure the rules adopted in 1999 serve the good of the community in 2021, ensure compatibility between adjacent land uses, and are consistent within the City of SeaTac Comprehensive Plan. At the August 24 Special Council Meeting, the council voted to adopt an immediate moratorium that can remain for up to one year while a work plan for further study is completed. 

On October 26, 2021, the City Council will hold a public hearing on the moratorium in compliance with RCW 35A.63.220 and RCW 36.70A.390, welcoming comments on the matter.  Written comments sent to before 2 p.m. October 26 will be accepted and read into the record (up to 5 minutes). If you wish to provide remote oral comments at the hearing, click HERE to access further instructions.  

Get Involved. Helping Others

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and provides training in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

Local community members are invited to take free disaster response training classes taught by the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority—these classes start in late September.

The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority CERT program focuses on training individuals to help themselves and others following wide-spread emergencies and disasters. If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community’s professional response, CERT trained individuals can assist others by applying basic response and organizational skills. 

Those trained in basic CERT skills learn how to help others until professionals arrive. Classes will teach people how to:
  • Organize a team to establish priorities and develop an action plan.
  • Suppress small fires so they won’t turn into big problems. 
  • Perform light search and rescue to help reduce life-threatening situations.
  • Use triage and disaster medical operations to treat injuries.
Classes begin Sept. 28 on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 
The last class is Saturday, Nov. 13 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information about the program click here. To register for the next session, click here. Classes will be held at a select fire station in Kent. 

Road Safety Survey

The City of SeaTac wants to hear from the Angle Lake Community to help us ensure that walking, rolling, driving, cycling, public transit and more are safe and comfortable for everyone who use our roads. 

Road safety can include a lot of different things from crosswalks, bike lanes, street lighting and reducing  and/or enforcing speed limits. A few examples of some recent local projects focused on this category include: Pedestrian Safety along International Boulevard, SeaTac/Airport Station area pedestrian improvement project and a several other initiatives.

As development of a comprehensive Local Road Safety Plan continues, input from citizens identifying the most critical road safety issues and collecting proposed improvements strategies is essential. To that end,  the city is undergoing a broad outreach through the use of a community web survey, key stakeholder interviews, and targeted focus groups. 

Please share your opinion by taking the Local Road Safety Online Survey! 
The survey will remain open and available for your input until Wednesday, September 15th. 

A Blazing Good Time with Fireman Oly

Calling all neighbors!  This third time will be better than a charm – 
it's going to be an all out three alarm! 

It's an Angle Lake Dock Concert and you are invited to attend by way of boat or anything that floats! It is with great pleasure that we send out this alert to inform you that Fireman Oly will be making a third return performance to the Shores of Angle Lake this Saturday, August 7th! 

This will surely be another wonderful evening featuring retro classic rock-n-roll favorites performed by Steve Olson (Fireman Oly). The weather is expected to be warm and the opportunity to visit with one another floating around will be nothing less than spectacular. We hope that you will join with us. 

The concert will begin at 5:30 pm and conclude by 8:00 pm. The location is along the north shore seventh house east of the Public Park. This event is free however, donations are encouraged. Cash contributions will be accepted at the concert.

It's About Time! (and your Dues are due)

After a pandemic-induced long hiatus, your Angle Lake Shore Club is planning the return of more annual events. In addition to the upcoming Tasty Tapas event on August 14th, we’ll be hosting the Boo Cruise, Members Only Christmas Party, and Santa’s Christmas Boat Cruise, as well! While ticket sales do help cover most of the costs related to the Christmas Party, our member dues are needed to cover all of the expenses for the Bunny Dock Hop, Boo Cruise, and Santa visit. We kindly ask that you consider becoming current on your membership dues for 2021. 

Renewing Membership and Event Admission Order Form

Our Club was founded on and continues to operate with volunteer resources and private donations. If you are looking to renew your membership or purchase event tickets, we’ve created a convenient link to our membership/order form below for you to download, print, and mail in with appropriate payment: ALSC Membership and Events Form

Want even more convenience? Pay your Membership Dues via our PayPal online electronic payment service. Placed on the right-sidebar of our Blogsite, locate the drop-down menu arrow under Member Dues, choose the appropriate membership level, and select add to cart. Fill in the remaining information on the form, and voila! You’re in with all the cool kids now! 

Membership Definitions

The Angle Lake Shore Club offers two annual membership options where 100% of the membership fees collected go toward club operations and event expenses.

$10 Individual Membership. Any person 18 years or older may enroll in an Individual Single Membership entitling them to all club benefits.

$20 Family Membership.  A family comprises two or more members who live in the same home and are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. 

Please Subscribe

We understand that you’ve got a lot going on, and it is often difficult to remember to head over to the ALSC Blog to check for updates on the latest neighborhood news. That’s why we offer the option to subscribe for automatic delivery of every new blog post sent right to your email inbox! No need to set a reminder to check the blog; just let the blog handle that for you. 

It's the Return of the Tasty Tapas!

We're continuing our return to normal with the return of our club favorite event. We're bringing back the Tasty Tapas Float About. 

If you have not yet signed up for the Tasty Tapas Float Around, our late summer main lakeside event, you must act now to reserve a spot; otherwise, you may very well miss the boat. Seats are filling quickly! The fun starts at 4 PM SHARP and runs until 8:00 PM. Open to ALSC Members Only (Dues must be current) and their invited guests. The cost is $30 per person.

To access a copy of the flyer with the Order Form, CLICK HERE
Otherwise, consider purchasing tickets via the PayPal application located on our BLOGSITE

In prior years, we witnessed Gilligan and his fellow castaways joined us; Cleopatra returned from the dead accompanied with her minions; a group of gondoliers gathered to give out goodies to arriving guests; and even a Tropical Island filled with Pacific Islanders floated onto the scene –imagine who, or what might appear this year!

Tasty Tapas has proven to be an evening full of fun, food, and an excellent opportunity to meet neighbors and make new friends. Participants will be assigned to start at one of four dining stations set up around the lake for guests to visit only by boat. Each of the four locations will present a themed selection of appetizers and matching liquid libations to tickle your taste buds. At set intervals, groups will receive a signal to depart for another station throughout the evening until you've visited each of all four stations. Be sure to pace yourself and save room for the grand finale fifth station, where all participants will come together to enjoy a bonfire, dessert, and coffee where all can mingle.

You are encouraged to take your own boat around the course (No drinking and driving, please!) Those who do not have a boat, cannot find a ride or require assistance, there will be pontoon boats acting as taxis to ferry tasters from station to station. If you need a pickup, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mrs. Carroll at

July 4th - Freedom from Rona Restrictions!

As the Corona virus restrictions lift, we hope you’ll join us in our salute to America’s Independence Day by participating in one or all of our returning annual 4th of July activities. While the list of events is somewhat abbreviated this year as we recover from pandemic conditions, the choices are still plenty. 

The lineup of events is as follows:

9:00 am – Bud Jones Memorial Walk and Run Around the Lake (UPDATE)
Join with neighbors in a fun walk or compete for bragging rights and prizes. Trophy will be awarded to the first runner to complete the course around the perimeter of the lake.   Race will begin at Post 35.  Pre-registration begins at 8:30am; Fun Walk at 9:00; Run Race at 9:30 – finish by 10:00.

1:00 pm – Dock / Beach Decoration Judging
Get those creative juices flowing to come up with the most impressive Independence Day display.  Wow the socks off our judges to win a prize of $100 Gift Certificate for First Place!  $75; $50; $25; or Beach towel for 2nd  – 10th place respectively.

2:00 pm – Paddle Board Race
Got a Board? Let’s Race! The race will start and end at the Giant Inflated Pink Flamingo. The fastest paddler to return after having gotten lei’d at the three designated waypoints will be awarded a prize!  

4:00 pm – Swim Races
Okay all you guppies, flounders, barracudas, sharks, and whales – show up in your swim attire and get ready to compete for ribbons and cash awards!  Begin assembling by 3:45 on the shores of the Louvier’s Beach at Fire Post #46 or look for the banner displayed on the Northeast lakeshore.

4:30 pm – Boat Races (aprox.)
Immediately following the swim races – the action will shift to boat racing. If it floats then we’ll let you race it! Show up in any kind of water craft and we’ll find a category to put you in. Join in the fun and paddle, pedal, row or sail your way to victory.  Louvier’s Beach at Post #46.

7:30 pm – Pontoon Boat Parade 
We encourage all owners to consider decorating their vessel and joining us in a pontoon boat parade. Open to all round-bottom, flat-bottom, multi-chine, and pontoon hull style boats. Meet up at the big EAT sign at post #78 for the start of the parade around the lake.

10:10 pm – Ring of Fire 
Continuing the long standing tradition that Russ Austin spearheaded each year. Road flares will be delivered to each waterfront residence. All recipients are ask to wait until precisely 10:10 pm to ignite their flare in unison to form a Ring of Fire around the lake. 

Acknowledgement: Events of this size cannot be done without the help and cooperation of many people. A special and sincere thank you is given to each of the volunteers who have donated their time in helping to coordinate these events and to all our Shore Club members who have donated financially - Thank you for your support and contributions.

Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!


Take Our Tasty Tapas Float-Around Survey

The survey includes just five questions and will take less than a minute to complete. Access the survey on any internet connected device via this link:

As the COVID pandemic restrictions begin to lift, we're looking forward to a return to our annual Shore Club hosted events. Understanding our members may still have some reservation about joining large events, whereas others we find are eager to dive right in. To help decide when is the right time to return to normal operations, we are requesting your help to identify if there is sufficient interest in supporting a return of Tasty Tapas Float-Around on Saturday, August 14th this year.  

Your responses to the survey questions will provide organizers with an indication of participation level interest when determining if holding the Tapas is possible for this year.

Please don't delay, the survey will close by July 7th.

What is Tasty Tapas Float-Around?
If you're new to our community, you'll find this event presents an evening of sun, fun, food, and a great opportunity to meet with neighbors and make new friends. Limited to ALSC members and invited guests, 21 years of age and over.

Participants are assigned to a group which is assigned to start at one of four dining stations set up on the lake for guests to visit by way of a boat. Each of the four locations will present a separate themed selection of appetizers and matching beverages to tickle your taste buds. At preset intervals throughout the evening, groups will receive a signal to depart for their next scheduled station. This continues until all four stations have been visited. But be sure to pace yourself and save room for the grand finale dessert station as this fifth stop is where all group participants come together to mingle while enjoying a bonfire, dessert and coffee.

A Fleet Captain is assigned to the group, however all are encouraged to take their own boat around the course (No drinking and conning, please!) For those who do not have a boat, organizers can help get you a reserved spot onboard one of the boats in your group. The Fleet Captain chooses the Group Theme and all participants are encouraged to come in costume. 

Pictures from prior year events may be viewed through these links: 
2019 ; 2018 ; 2017 ; 2016 ; 2015 ; 2014 ; 20132010

SeaTac Art Attack is Back!

That’s right, the SeaTac Art Attack is Back. I just know you kept thinking about creating something all last summer, didn't you? Well stop thinking about it and start making something, now! With a little effort you may become just as famous as these folks, provided your entry wins the competition this year.

Last summer, the City of SeaTac collaborated with local non-profit VibeHunters to sponsor a yard art contest. This event turned out to be so popular they’re bringing it back for a second round this summer. 

The goal of this fun summer event is to encourage people and families to work together and create semi-permanent art that can be enjoyed throughout the community. The rules are pretty lax, however the artwork must be visible from the street. Yard art submissions will be added to the public map that is created at the conclusion of the event.  

For more information, refer to the VibeHunters project page, or write to or call 206.973.4682. Otherwise when you are ready to enter, access the registration form HERE. But act quick, as registration will remain open only until the end of August. After that, well you'll be left only to be thinking about it again all through winter and into the spring of next year. 

Good Luck! Have Fun!

READY! SET! ...slow.

On May 13, 2021 Governor Jay Inslee announced the state is moving toward a June 30 reopening date this year. And after a 14 month hiatus from conducting business as usual, the Angle Lake Shore Club Board met on Wednesday, May 19th to discuss what a return to normal might look like.

The board members gathered to discussed which club events might be considered for the remaining year. Taking into consideration that if the number of Covid cases increase dramatically, plans could quickly go awry! Therefore the board agreed to limit event planning to the summer months only, between Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The 4th of July will not be the same again this year. 

Realizing everyone is anxious to get normal (and so are we) the facts are Independence Day is less than six weeks away, lingering health risks are still a concern and scarcity of necessary resources prevent a return to a fully normal schedule. Our fireworks contractor has informed us that they do not have the personnel necessary to produce a display on the 4th and while a Saturday, July 3rd could be an option the City has confirmed that they will not have a proper staff level to support it. 

And while the board members are making the effort to plan, the unpredictability of the COVID conditions and the uncertainty of event volunteer availability prevent any guarantee we’ll pull it off so we ask for flexibility and understanding.

The list below indicates which events are still being planned for

There is also an expressed interest in holding Tasty Tapas in August. If you’re interested in hosting a station and/or you are available to volunteer to help in any of our 4th of July Events, please send an email to 

Please continue to consult the blog for any updates.

Welcome Aboard! Announcing our New Skipper

International Airline Pilot, holder of PHD, MBA and MHS degrees, author of seven published books, mother of three grown daughters, grandmother to eight and now add to that list of accomplishments, Skipper at the helm of the Angle Lake Shore Club. 

We are thrilled to announce to the club that nomination was made and by unanimous vote in favor by the board, Karlene Pettit is recognized as our new President of the Angle Lake Shore Club. The assumption of duty was effective immediately. 

No other changes were made to existing board member assignments; however we are also welcoming  Tim and Jill Carroll as two new volunteers to the board.

Please join us in congratulating Karlene, Jill and Tim in their new roles!

So. 200th Street Traffic Delays

Paving within project limits is planned for 5/13 through 5/19. 
Alternate routes of travel is recommended during these dates. 

In addition to road surface improvements, this project will deliver a separated eight- to ten-foot-wide shared use path installed along the south shoulder of South 200th Street between 12th Place South and the Des Moines Creek Park trailhead. This path will provide a connection between the recently completed improvement area at 200th street and Des Moines Memorial Drive and will extend through to the Des Moines Creek Park Trailhead.

When complete this new amenity will provide one of the City's westernmost neighborhoods with safer pedestrian and bicycle access to the existing park and transportation facilities at the Angle Lake Light Rail Station.

Donation Drive to Help Local Families

Communities in Schools (CIS), a non-profit organization, is hosting a Spring Fundraiser for families at Highline High School, Tyee High School, and Madrona Elementary. Donations will be accepted through May 14th.

Communities In Schools is raising funds to help support families' most pressing basic needs. As we prepare for the end of the school year, we know that some of the barriers our students face continue throughout the summer.

The goal is to raise $5000 to be able to help families in Highline School District facing the greatest hardships due to the pandemic. Your donation will go directly to providing immediate, necessary care in the areas of: utility assistance, childcare, transportation, food, medical care, and other basic necessities. 

Donate now to ensure that our families receive this assistance before the school year ends. With your kindness and generosity, the hope is to lessen the impact that COVID 19 has put some of our students and continuing to empower them to achieve in life.

Contribute online at 

Angle Lake is a Clear Leader

King County Lake Monitoring reports that Angle Lake is on record as one of the clearest lakes in the Stewardship Program. 

The Small Lakes Monitoring program is committed to monitoring the water quality of the County's lakes to ensure their continued health, as well as the health of the public who utilize the lake's many resources. 

Through a combination of efforts by volunteer lake monitors and King County staff, data relating to physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the lake have been collected for most lakes. The King County Lake Stewardship Program analyzes data to track long-term water quality trends in small lakes in western King County. The full report is available for viewing HERE.

The key takeaways from the 2020 monitoring season are:
  • Angle Lake continued to have clear water, with low nutrient concentrations and low algal growth. 
  • There were no algal blooms were reported for toxin testing in 2020.
  • Angle Lake continues to be one of the clearest lakes in the Lake Stewardship Program. 

The Shore Club is thankful for the dedication and committed service of our volunteer monitors for Angle Lake: Diane & Buff Chace and Bruce & Sandy Goulet! 

"We appreciate your efforts!"

For questions about lakes in King County, please contact or call the Water and Land Resources Division front desk at 206-477-4800.

Anxiety Over Catching Something?

Researchers say infections can happen just about anywhere. However, the chances of catching something are massively reduced outdoors. While isolating indoors can increase protection from catching Covid, it is a known fact that staying tucked away behind closed doors will also greatly decrease your chance of catching fish!

So if your anxiety, fear, and worry has been overwhelming and you’re thoughts of concerned over catching Covid has been great, why not get outdoors, relax and catch some fish, instead? Especially at this time of year! Not only are the days getting warmer, daylight hours growing longer, the  Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that over 6,500 farm raised trout averaging about a half pound each were released into Angle Lake on March 31st. 

Therefore, I think it is safe to diagnose that your chance of catching something is pretty high. Release some of that pent up anxiety, Go outdoors, Get out onto the lake and Catch some fish!

Might be a slight exageration over actual sizes.

What's Going On?

The calendar indicates we have crossed over to a New Year! However, it simply feels like today we’re in the thirteenth month of 2020!

While many of us continuing to shelter in place, spending more time staring out our windows, one might think that the world around us has also shut down. But not so much so around our neighborhood!  The City of SeaTac is hosting a page on its website that displays all the studies and projects that are underway and still very much active. 

The items that may hold the most interest to our area are:

As you can imagine with any large project, there are going to be mobility impacts. It is recommended that you bookmark the City of SeaTac Projects & Studies webpage so that you may stay up to date on current construction activities and conveniently learn about new projects as they come online.

If you have questions relating to any of the above activities, contact the City at 206.973.4800.