What's Going On?

The calendar indicates we have crossed over to a New Year! However, it simply feels like today we’re in the thirteenth month of 2020!

While many of us continuing to shelter in place, spending more time staring out our windows, one might think that the world around us has also shut down. But not so much so around our neighborhood!  The City of SeaTac is hosting a page on its website that displays all the studies and projects that are underway and still very much active. 

The items that may hold the most interest to our area are:

As you can imagine with any large project, there are going to be mobility impacts. It is recommended that you bookmark the City of SeaTac Projects & Studies webpage so that you may stay up to date on current construction activities and conveniently learn about new projects as they come online.

If you have questions relating to any of the above activities, contact the City at 206.973.4800.

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