Anxiety Over Catching Something?

Researchers say infections can happen just about anywhere. However, the chances of catching something are massively reduced outdoors. While isolating indoors can increase protection from catching Covid, it is a known fact that staying tucked away behind closed doors will also greatly decrease your chance of catching fish!

So if your anxiety, fear, and worry has been overwhelming and you’re thoughts of concerned over catching Covid has been great, why not get outdoors, relax and catch some fish, instead? Especially at this time of year! Not only are the days getting warmer, daylight hours growing longer, the  Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that over 6,500 farm raised trout averaging about a half pound each were released into Angle Lake on March 31st. 

Therefore, I think it is safe to diagnose that your chance of catching something is pretty high. Release some of that pent up anxiety, Go outdoors, Get out onto the lake and Catch some fish!

Might be a slight exageration over actual sizes.

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