Online Boat Race Opinion Survey

Will people throughout the northwest race to Angle Lake to watch boat races?

Seattle Outboard Association representatives met with City of SeaTac Parks and Recreation Staff to explore an idea of holding an outboard motor boat race on Angle Lake. The response from City Parks to SOA was to confirm there was support from the two lake side organizations: Angle Lake Manor Community Club; and Angle Lake Shore Club before they would consider moving forward.

Wednesday, May 21st SOA representatives met with leadership from both organizations to review the proposal. All present were in favor of supporting the event provided the following conditions were met: a) Public Notice would be distributed to all residents encircling the Lake; b) hold a public meeting for community comments and concerns to be addressed.

Over 150 Public Notices were hand delivered by SOA volunteers to homes surrounding Angle Lake and a Public Meeting was held at the Matt Griffin YMCA Safeco Room on Thursday, June 12th to present the race proposal and respond to community questions.  A copy of the SOA Presentation can be viewed at:

The outcome from the meeting was an opinion that more representation was needed to decide whether a race event should be held on Angle Lake. A suggestion was made to conduct an online survey to gauge the degree of public interest to decide if having an outboard race is something that would be of interest to the community at large. 

We would like to hear from you! 
Survey is configured to accept only one vote per computer address

The following survey asks if you support organized boat racing on Angle Lake in the month of September after the Labor Day weekend with the understanding that:
  • This is a trial event and after the event, SeaTac City Council can make a reassessment to determine if it is something to be supported on a recurring annual basis;
  • A race event will require city approval for the following:
    • A variance to the existing ordinance designed specifically for this race waiving the 5 mph speed limit
    • Authorize the use of the far most easterly portion of Angle Lake Park as a pit area
    • Closure of the Swim Area at the public park
    • Closure for a portion of the East-West leg of Angle Lake (race course) from about 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday for the scheduled weekend only.
  • The American Power Boat Association will provide a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $5,000,000 against any damage or incident resulting from the race. 
  • The race course will be clearly defined by buoys around the outer edge of the course and use of the waters between the shoreline and these outer markers (100 feet yards distance) by residents/spectators will be permitted.
  • In no way is this race event intending to change existing laws or ordinances that mandate slower speeds on the lake other than during this single event and is limited to registered race participants only.
The Online Survey will remain open until end of day July 3rd afterwhich time results will be tabulated and shared with the SeaTac City Council.


John Lucas said...

thought I would take the survey that would ask me if I would "support organized boat racing on Angle Lake". Unfortunately the survey I was taken to only asked if I was interested in attending such an event and if so which weekend I would prefer.

It did NOT ask me if I supported the idea of the event.

This is not a valid survey of support or opposition to the event.

Please let me know when/if a valid survey is available for my input

Anonymous said...

I support at the very least giving this event a one shot trial. Having raced these in my mid to late teen years I know how exciting these races can be. Among the reasons I've heard from folks against trying this event out range from the following:
1. It's not in tradition with the lake
2. It may be a means of introducing milfoil into our lake
3. The lake will be closed for lakefront residents
4. It will negatively impact our wildlife
5. The wake from the boats will tear our water front apart
6. It is a peaceful lake and the noise will be detrimental to those seeking peace and quiet
7. It will introduce petroleum (gas & oil) thus polluting the water
8. It will encourage people to think they can disregard the 5 mph speed limit and now wake law currently in place for our lake.
9. What about liability issues?

(Due to Character Count Limits)

Anonymous said...

For the sake of a two day event, that may be the first and last time we get to experience this and for the many of you I have talked to that support this event I have the following comments:

1. All traditions have to have a start. The many traditions we enjoy today were from folks willing to give them a try. Those that met success remained while those that didn't simply faded away. Try and look at this with an open mind as I know there are many who are looking forward to this.
2. The primary source of Milfoil being introduced from other lakes is mostly from the trailers that are used to launch most boats. The boats for this event are all launched by hand. they are carried off of their trailers located in the pits and set into the water by hand and rest on portable stands. Between events they are cleaned and stored in dry locations. I see very little no possibility from these crafts bringing in foreign species.
3. The lake will NOT be closed for use by lake residents. There will be an outer course buoy line that must be a minimum of 100' off shore. The area between this outer course line and the shoreline is open to use by residents. Also the entire northern end of the lake will also be open.
4. I seriously doubt that our wildlife will suffer from two days of boat racing. In if this were true than I am sure boat racing would be an extinct sport by now. I'm of the opinion that having homes along 99% of what was once a vegetated shoreline is probably a much more serious deterrent to the welfare of any wildlife in the area.
5. For those of you concerned about the wake I urge you recall those many winter storms we've all experienced where white caps were formed and 12" and larger waves pounded our shoreline for a full day. These boats will put out a minimal wake when up on a plane. No more than any 20 - 30 mph wind might cause.
6. For those concerned about the noise ... well we live next door to the airport. If you feel that strongly about noise maybe angle lake is the wrong lake to have chosen for a home. Look at the noise we get from the blue angles or even the fireworks. IMO it's such a small sacrifice to make for having such a professional event right in your backyard. And it would be easy to make plans to be away for that weekend if the noise was really that big of an issue.
7. Gas and oil that folks fear would be introduced into the water from due to exhaust I hope you realize that these motors give off their exhaust above the water. No different than any car so no oil or gas is introduced into the water.
8. And as for the speed limit being violated I can assure you that the ALSC is a firm supporter of not opening up the lake to power boats going over the speed limit of 5 mph. A variance will need to be approved by the City of SeaTac to allow only those people directly involved in the race to exceed 5 mph and only between the hours of 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on the days of the race.
9. Liability is completely covered by the SOA in the form of a 5 million dollar insurance policy to cover any incident caused as a result of the event.

I am truly excited about at least giving this a one shot try and then after the event we can decide as a community if it's worthy of repeat performances.


Lonnie Goulet
Lakefront Resident and supporter of this event :-)

Steve Beck said...

I support a weekend a year of small boat racing.
Most of these race teams are family run with their kids , both female and male racing in small boats and then their parent race also.
All self funded by these families.
The families on and off the lake will love these races!
Who ever is coming up with statements of the problems this race will create is hog wash, there is no impact to the lake.
Over 85% of this lakes shoreline is developed and altered and that's why when my Family moved here, we and our next door neighbors created a better habitat on 70% of our shoreline where my grandkid's and all the boaters and kayaker's can come by and see turtles and catch some of the biggest fish in the lake!
This race will not create wakes, cause problems with the water or disrupt our life on the lake.
It will only excite, stimulate and provide entertainment for all of our families and all of our extended SeaTac Families just one weekend a year! Between all the other events that the Angle Lake Shore club operates and us homeowners support on our lake, this will be one loaded with kids enjoying watching kids race boats, parents inviting their friends for a party and us Grandparent's having a reason to invite our extend family over for weekend of FUN! Please support this trial event in September.

Bruce Goulet said...

I think a trial run with the hydros is a great idea and encourage people to vote for it. Two days of watching some organized racing will be a lot of fun and exciting!
Then people can make a fair decision on whether to support them or not the next time around.
Sandy and I have lived here on the south end of the lake for over 16 years and our beach looks the same, if not better than when we moved in even with Mother Nature with her north winds and waves beating away at the shoreline.
Let's give them a try.....
Sandy and Bruce

Anonymous said...

To the wonderful folks on and around Angle lake: I completely understand all of the concerns however the APBA is very organized and have been staging races for a very long time. My opinion is that a race on Angle lake would have a positive effect on the whole community let alone the property owners on the lake. Give it a shot, I think you'll be pleased with how things work out.

Rob Graham
Graham Trucking Inc.
Seatac WA.

DS said...

To all of those around Angle Lake.

I really appreciate the issues brought up in the list of 9 questions/statements above and the response to the 9 issues - that was a great exchange of ideas.

Here are my thoughts:

1) My wife and I think a trial run and subsequent evaluation is a great idea, as well as my teenage sons. We would invite people to watch and we think it will be a hoot.

2) I love the idea of the lake being used for an event that appears to be so positive for young people and there families. What a privilege to be able to actively support that by providing a new venue for them!

3) I am relatively new on the lake, and very grateful for those who have developed the current traditions here on the lake that my family and friends benefit from. I am excited to support a developing culture around the lake that encourages the exploration of how we can add to that, of course with the proper evaluation.

4) I am impressed with the boating association's program working with wounded veterans, and would want to support them for that reason alone.

5) Although I do not know them very well personally, I have observed the officers of the ALSC deal with some very difficult and complex situations (fireworks) not caused by any errors on their part. Yet from what I can see, they work professionally and transparently to surmount obstacles cause by others for the good of ALSC.

It appears to me they have the good of the residents around the lake at the forefront of what they do. From what I have seen so far, we are very fortunate to have a volunteer group with both VISION and COMPETENCE running the ALSC. Even if I didn't care one way or the other about the event itself, I would support the event on a trial basis solely on the basis of their recommendation. In my opinion, they have earned the right to be trusted.

Unknown said...

As flawed as this survey seems to be, it does reveal a lack of forthright presentation on the part of the many advocates of hosting boat racing on Angle Lake. The leadership of SeaTac and our communities truly have let us down.
There is no need to argue for “giving this a chance.” The real question is, does anybody value the safety and tranquility of our lakeside living areas? The Power Boat Assn has no interest at all in preserving our lake habitat, so most of its views can be discarded.
I also find it curious when a lake dweller asserts that if we don’t like noise, we picked the wrong place to live [because of the airport] and implies that we ought to move. One might equally assert that if one wants to see boat racing just move to Lake Tapps, but note that even that riotous locale, where high-speed boats and seaplanes roam at will, does not appear on the American Powerboat schedule. Take the hint!
The leadership of SeaTac and our community ought to be working to preserve the safety and tranquility of the residential sectors of SeaTac, which includes all its voters, and not proselytizing in favor of commercial interests. We are already dominated by powerful entities such as the Port of Seattle, and our leaders ought to be working to protect and preserve those of us who survive such commercial depredations.

We will have to watch for the result of this opinion poll, and take note on how many of us have responded compared to the actual numbers living in Angle lake shoreline and manor. We have apparently already jumped to conclusions and are planning to turn over the lake to outside interests for a long weekend with much more in the offing for the future. Nothing like this has occurred since the demise of the Angle Lake Plunge resort, now replaced by the park. Does anybody miss that?

I for one strongly reject the interruption of daily life on Angle Lake simply to provide entertainment and income for non-residents. It strikes me foolish in the extreme to insist that no harm can come to the lake environment and no risk to our persons and property can occur. To operate so many races and boats in a short period of time almost guarantees spills of fuel and lubricants. Two full days of racing will indeed corrupt our air quality, with so many internal combustion engines all operating at full throttle, not only racing but preparing to race. The resulting noises will create a cacophony far worse than the typical irritation of some neighbors’ sound system or hired band using us as his amphitheater.

The supposed $5M insurance policy of the Power Boat Assn will matter little if some resident’s party boat gets clobbered by an out of control limited hydro. We can recognize these and more problems without giving it a one-time try.

Let’s get a grip folks. We have no need whatsoever to be somebody’s patsy. Please resist.

BTW, it is truly crass to name this event in advance for Mr Hansen. That is very manipulative and serves no other purpose.

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