Frank Hansen Memorial Regatta

Boat Racing on Angle Lake?  It very well could become reality if the community embraces and supports the idea. 

The Seattle Outboard Association had approached key representatives from the City of SeaTac Parks Department and the two primary community organizations at Angle Lake, the Shore Club and the Manor HOA to present a proposal to bring Junior Hyrdo Series Races to Angle Lake. Initial reception so far has been positive toward the idea of hosting a weekend race event on the East-West Leg of Angle Lake over the July 18th Weekend. 

A PUBLIC NOTICE is being delivered to neighborhood doors this week to announce the idea to residents surrounding the lake and inviting them to attend a community meeting to view a presentation prepared by SOA and to allow an opportunity for questions to be answered by Race Coordinators and other key officials.
Angle Lake Community Meeting
Matt Griffin YMCA - Safeco Room
3595 So 188th St, SeaTac 98188
Thursday, June 12th at 7:00 PM

Why Frank Hansen? 
Frank consistently offered complimentary comments toward the Angle Lake Shore Club efforts of sustaining long held traditions on the lake and frequently encouraged board members to consider bringing new events to the lake.  This encouragement motivated Shore Club Advisor, Steve Beck, to consider bringing hydros ‘back’ onto the lake after hearing stories that Frank shared with him regarding races held here years ago. Once the event concept started forming, the suggestion was floated to consider honoring Frank for his support and encouragement.   

In 1989, retired airline pilot Frank Hansen began a new career in politics. He served a total of 16 years on the City of SeaTac City Council, including three terms as mayor. Frank was SeaTac's first mayor and is still considered by many to be our best. According to the Stranger, Hansen has won Best Mayor for as long as SeaTacians have been sending in Best of SeaTac ballots. 

Hansen compared early SeaTac politics to the Wild West. “Anybody could get things done in that free-for-all environment” he used to say “given enough git-up-an'-go”. And get things done Hansen did. Among his accomplishments, he was instrumental in obtaining approval for the third runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; securing funding for the State Route 509 expansion project; moving City Hall to its current location on South 188th Street; and working with the Port of Seattle to extend Seattle's light rail service directly to SeaTac.

Frank had his very own brand of charm. He was open and unpretentious, gregarious and funny, intelligent and warm. Frank couldn't go anywhere - whether it was Costco or an international airport - without running into someone he knew. He was a wonderful storyteller, drawing on a lifetime's worth of colorful material. Frank derived great pleasure from his family, spending time in Maui, reciting the poetry of Robert W. Service, and grilling flank steak and salmon on his barbeque overlooking Angle Lake.

In an interview with the Highline Times back in 2010, Frank explained “During my first term as mayor we had an aggressive program to eliminate drugs and prostitution, including "John" sting operations. One evening I was headed north on International Boulevard when I noticed a very attractive lady standing by the road. As I got closer, I realized it was one of our police officers, Katy Horgan. I waved at her and kept going. The next day at city hall, Officer Katy told me it was good I hadn't stopped as Channel 5 was filming from across the street and that would have been hard to explain.”

That’s the kind of guy Frank was… always ready to share a story drawn from his very rich lifetime of experience.

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