SeaTac Art Attack is Back!

That’s right, the SeaTac Art Attack is Back. I just know you kept thinking about creating something all last summer, didn't you? Well stop thinking about it and start making something, now! With a little effort you may become just as famous as these folks, provided your entry wins the competition this year.

Last summer, the City of SeaTac collaborated with local non-profit VibeHunters to sponsor a yard art contest. This event turned out to be so popular they’re bringing it back for a second round this summer. 

The goal of this fun summer event is to encourage people and families to work together and create semi-permanent art that can be enjoyed throughout the community. The rules are pretty lax, however the artwork must be visible from the street. Yard art submissions will be added to the public map that is created at the conclusion of the event.  

For more information, refer to the VibeHunters project page, or write to or call 206.973.4682. Otherwise when you are ready to enter, access the registration form HERE. But act quick, as registration will remain open only until the end of August. After that, well you'll be left only to be thinking about it again all through winter and into the spring of next year. 

Good Luck! Have Fun!

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