Get Your Green On, again!

“Get Your Green On” returns to the Angle Lake Park Nature Trail and is a great way to ensure the park environment remains healthy and safe!  

From 9 am to 12:00 pm
Meet at Angle Lake Park Boat Ramp

Two years ago, Shore Club Members with Port of Seattle and Green SeaTac Partnership volunteers planted 200 native plants at the Angle Lake Park Nature Trail. The event planned for Dec. 4 is to perform maintenance to ensure the new plantings from 2019 can continue to thrive. Volunteers are needed for this event to help remove invasive plant species and spread woodchips. 

In addition to the group collectively working to ensure the environmental health of the park, event leaders will share information about ‘going green’ at home. Environmentalists will offer tips on using natural lawn and garden care to help reduce dependence on consumer agricultural chemicals, recycle more, and safely dispose of household items to help ensure the high-quality lake health is maintained.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions about Going Green at Home, please call the city’s Public Works Coordinator, Mason Giem, at 206-973-4763 or email at

Please consider the following: regular and repeated volunteer maintenance of the nature trail park helps to ensure environmental health by removing unwelcome invasive plants. Frequent group activity also helps prevent unwanted activity from taking root in this area, ensuring this park remains safe for family use. Please consider spending at least an hour or more with us to demonstrate you care! 

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