Moving, Shaking and Shaping Up

A read through the City Manager’s Weekly Update reveals that there are quite a few projects that are either planned, going through permitting or currently under construction within the SeaTac city limits. Actually twenty three major developments plus an additional seven Port of Seattle projects. The full list can be accessed here. The following is a list of changes planned in the Angle Lake area as indicated on the map above:

(Projects Proposed within the next 2-4 Years)
4A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Maintenance Facility
5A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Airport Warehouse Facility
6A. South Employee Parking Lot – Phase I

8. Wally Park 18613 International Blvd.
Construction of a parking structure of approximately 1,600 parking spaces and at least 13,800 sq. ft. of retail/mixed use/service use. Construction is ongoing. Garage screening has been installed

22. Hampton Inn 18850 28th Ave. S.
The property owner has submitted a revised site plan for only one (1) hotel of 220 rooms instead of two hotels. A building permit has been issued. Grading of the site is underway.

9. Patterson Place Mixed Use  3712 S. 188th St.
Proposed mixed use project with 243 Multi Family units and 5,900 sq. ft. of commercial use. Project on hold.

18. Angle Lake Estates  Proposed 10 Lot Subdivision
The SEPA appeal and variance request was denied by the Hearing Examiner. The preliminary plat was approved. The HE decision regarding the preliminary plat has been appealed to the City Council. The appeal has been dropped based upon the signing of a “Settlement Agreement” between the appellant and property owner. The Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SDP) was issued and approved by the Department of Ecology.

23. Residence Inn Hotel  19518 International Blvd.
Proposed 150 room hotel under site plan review. Council has approved access to the Hotel from the Angle Lake Park access road. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2012.

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