Lakeside Crime Spree

The blog team had begun receiving calls and emails yesterday regarding rampant theft having occurred sometime through the night of Wednesday, July 25th on the Northwest shoreline of Angle Lake. 
Items reported missing were a couple boat stereo systems; several gas and electric boat motors; electric batteries; fish finders; gps units; and various other valuable items.  The location of theft had occurred between the Beck’s pontoon boat through to the William’s dock and quite possibly beyond.  It is assumed that the thief(ves) made their approach from the water.  If any resident is aware of after dark sailings and have a description to offer, please contact the SeaTac Police Department to record your information.

If you have property stored along the shoreline, we encourage you to take inventory as soon as possible and register an incident report involving any theft or vandalism.  You can file a police report by calling the King County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency line at (206) 296-3311, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.  Or as an additional convenience, you can file an online claim via the internet at the following address: 

No matter how small the item, regardless of its perceived depreciated value – all incidents should have a police reported filed.  Failing to file a claim obscures the report of actual percentage of crime occurring within the area and can unintentionally mask the problem. If we don’t report it, police services aren’t aware of it, and hence cannot respond to it!  Please take the time to report everything!

With increased reports of crime occurring both street side as well as along the shoreline, a formal request has recently been made of the SeaTac Police Department to help host a Community Meeting to share best practices and information for preparing against and combating crime.  Please continue to watch the ALSC Blog for further details.

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