Potential East Lake Zoning Changes (Again!)

The City of SeaTac Planning Commission and staff are scheduled to meet together as a group again on Tuesday, June 19th to continue reviewing the 2012 Comprehensive Plan Amendments prior to finalizing the Planning Docket.  Among the changes being considered is a zone reclassification request for the parcel located at 19740 Military Road South. 
This is the same property that was previously denied from sighting a wrecking yard operation requiring an Industrial zoning reclassification. Property owner, Mr. Bo Lindstrom is now requesting an update from the current Residential Medium Density (UM-2400) designation to a Residential High Density (UH-900) classification to support his plans to build and operate a senior housing / convalescent center complex on this land.

Although the UH-900 zone is recognized as a multi-family zone the code does allow for apartment or condo use as well.  Density is indicated by the "900" in the zoning designation. It allows 1 dwelling unit per 900 square feet of land area. To achieve a rough estimate for the number of units which may occupy a given space, you'd take the total square footage of the parcel(s) and divide this by 900 to derive the maximum number of dwelling units allowed.  Then multiply by the maximum height allowed (this parcel is approved for structures of up to 55 feet or five stories, assuming 10 feet per floor).

According to public records a sale was completed February 23, 1998 for the purchase of the 79,251 square feet parcel at 19740 with a two-story structure containing 6,200 square feet of living space constructed in 1990. A rezone to Residential High Density allows up to 440 individual units to be built on this particular site. The development would still have to meet all of the other development standards (i.e., provide for the required number of parking stalls, landscaping, maximum building height, etc.) so the actual number of units permitted may be less.

The UH zone is intended as a multi-family zone, the property owner would be eligible to develop any use that the zone allows; the rezone couldn’t specify a specific use that had to be developed. Other uses permitted include some retail space such as food store, book store, espresso stand, with some other applications allowed. However, the code does specify that any retail accommodation need to be small “resident oriented”.

Please consult the City Website for further information; attend the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 19th; or contact Michael Scarey, Senior Planner with the Department of Community and Economic Development via email: mscarey@ci.seatac.wa.us or by telephone to schedule an appointment (206) 973-4750.

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