Local favorite, the huge 12th Man Flag was taken down only after a few short days on display. 

The other night as I met with the May’s to talk about plans for the upcoming new ALSC Christmas Tree Lighting Event, I asked Rodger why he had taken down his iconic ‘12th Man’ flag? His response was troubling. Rodger informed me that someone had stole it!

He went on to explain that due to the damage left behind he was led to believe that someone climbed onto his fence to take down and remove the 18’ x 25’ flag – Yes, that’s right - eighteen feet by twenty five feet! It is an exact copy of the flag that is on display at Century Link Field in Seattle.

It is perplexing to me to consider how someone, on a busy main thoroughfare like South 188th Street, could even have the ability to climb up, straddle a flag pole to take this gigantic flag down, fold it up and cart it off down the street without ever being seen?  And that is where I’m hoping one or more of you may have witnessed some activity related to this crime!

If you happened to have been in the area of 42nd Ave South and South 188th Street on Sunday, September 7th between the hours of 9 pm and Monday 6 am and have any information relating to this crime, please contact Rodger May.  Any information leading to an arrest and/or recovery of the flag will be rewarded.  

I’m hoping the power of the REAL 12’s can pull together to recover this flag and get it flying again in it’s rightful spot – showing everyone that the Spirit of the 12’s is strong here on Angle Lake!

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Anonymous said...

I love that huge 12 flag. Sad to hear it was stolen.