Santa Is On His Way!

In addition to the annual journey that Ole’ Saint Nick endures every 24th of December, Santa Claus is also scheduling a special visit to the Angle Lake Community this Friday, December 12th!

As the reindeer continue to rest up for the big trip on Christmas Eve and the elves up north continue to prepare the sleigh, Santa is planing to make a special lap around Angle Lake via pontoon boat. He will be joined with a group of other festive boats decked out in holiday lights, broadcasting Christmas music and spreading cheer with all who gather at select locations along the lake shore.  
When: Friday, December 12th 
Where: Pre-Selected Docks on Angle Lake
Begin: 6:00 PM  
End: 8:00..ish… 
or when we get too cold, too wet, too tired, or our glasses run dry...

Since the need for Santa to be up north is great this time of year, the number of locations he’ll visit is limited. The route will depart from the Beck Residence (19244 39th Avenue South) at 5:45 PM and will travel counter-clockwise around the lake and will make a stop at each of the following locations:

Schedule of Stops:
6:00 PM     Marlys Patton 3771 So 194th Street (Jill 824-7058)
6:30 PM     Angle Lake Mobile Home Park (John 920-1917)
7:15 PM     Bonnie Warner 19653 Military Road So (Bonnie 824-1599)
7:45 PM     Dave Gutierrez 19003 46th Ave So (Maritza 595-1698)
8:00 PM     Steve Bell 18446 37th Ave So (Rhonda 909-9641)
NOTE: All times are approximate and regardless of rain, only strong winds will require canceling this event. Please contact Julie (355-6460) if you'd like to ride on one of the boats.
We encourage all who are interested visiting with Santa to gather at the above locations. Also as an added safety precaution, we are requesting that everyone remain on the beach prior to Santa’s arrival. Santa’s Elf Helpers will arrive just ahead of Santa to great guests and then permit a limited number of visitors out to the end of the dock at one time. Parents and Guardians, we’d appreciate your help in complying with this request. Santa will then sail in and have a quick visit with the kids, learn of their Christmas dreams and wishes and capture a digital photo to share via email with the parents. A full lap around the lake will take a couple hours so watch for us, waive, flash your Christmas or porch lights as a sign of welcome for our special guest and his hapless but well intentioned elf helpers. 

A super huge thank you to Julie Hill who helped bundle the gifts bags for the kids and special recognition to Jim Todd; Lonnie Goulet; and Bruce Goulet for all the effort it took to pull this event together to spread heartwarming cheer to all within our community. And Special Thanks to Steve Beck for his scheduling efforts in getting Santa Claus to visit during this peak time of year! 

The entire Angle Lake Shore Club Board wish for you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!  

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TaniRae said...

Loved the compilation of videos. Great job, Fuzz. You really captured how precious the kids are and how crazy Santa is.