Incidents of Crime Continue

Unfortunately, another incident of burglary has been reported having occurred today in the north end neighborhood along 188th Street.  Russ and Patti Austin sent an email to the blog team informing us that sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 pm this afternoon their 2010 twenty horsepower Honda outboard motor was stolen from off their boat parked in their driveway. 

The Austins ask that if anyone saw an unfamiliar vehicle or witnessed any suspicious activity having occurred near the home and driveway at post 59 to please contact them at 206.431.9460 or provide the information to the SeaTac Police Department.

See It, Report It, Stop It!

A check of website which documents incidents of crime occurring locally shows the number of occurrences is on the rise.  Numerous incidents of breaking and entering, robbery, and thefts from and of vehicles are being reported. 

Each one of us in the community should accept the obligation to help protect our neighborhoods by keeping a vigilant watch out for anything that doesn’t look right.  Do not hesitate to first call and report to Emergency 911 anything that appears out of the ordinary and then use your neighborhood directory to call your neighbors to alert them to.  

By working together with our neighbors in forming block watches and remaining alert to what is occurring in our area we can help extend the effectiveness of our local law enforcement, making things very inconvenient for the crooks and begin driving them out of our neighborhoods. Your help is very much appreciated.  

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