Brazen Criminal Activity Reported

BREAKING NEWS: The following report was sent to us by Maegan Yapp, Shore Club Publisher requesting assistance from the community to help locate this perpetrator.

Maegan writes: "I would like to share the following information pertaining to an event that took place roughly 2 hours ago (est. 2:00PM PDT) and request help from our neighbors in finding the individual involved in this crime.  

I live at post 20 and my parent's vehicle was parallel parked with the driver side facing south 198th street.  My mother and I were moving furniture from the back end of the SUV, when a 1989-91 Charcoal Grey Honda Accord pulled up next to the driver side and climbed into the car, grabbing my mother's purse.  We were nearly 10 feet away when this took place and attempted to grab the purse from the man. He was able to slam his door and take off, going East on S. 198th Street. The incident has been reported with the King County Sheriff's office.  

Suspect: Hispanic Male; 30-35 years old; Height 5’10”–6’; Short Black Hair, Slightly stocky.
Vehicle: Honda Accord; Dark Charcoal Grey with Shiny Rims. License Plate: AEV0348.

Please keep a vigilant watch for this person because this could very well be an individual that is targeting our neighborhood. If you sight anyone resembling this description or see the vehicle in our area, please call 911 to report it immediately.

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LPG said...

Sorry to hear that Seatac’s crime spree just seems to keep on going. The great news is your mothers persistence paying off and finding the car. I think I’ve spotted this suspect car parked on the opposite side of 198th a few time before and have taken the license plate number when leaving my home just in case I came back to a break in. I’ll be keeping a close lookout to make sure we do everything possible to apprehend this dirt bag.