2012 Fishing Derby!

UPDATE:  View the photos from the Derby Here!
(Photos by: Tani Rae Standridge)

Take one part Sunday morning, add one part Angle Lake stocked with over 2,400 fish, fold in a large portion of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, kids of all ages, mix thoroughly with prizes, good food and add a huge dash of community spirit. What do you have? You have the perfect ingredients to cook up some great times at the annual Angle Lake Shore Club Fishing Derby! 

The big day kicks off on Sunday, April 29 at 7:00 AM on the shore of Shirley Steven’s place with an offering of warm drinks and muffins.  Once you finish fueling up on the morning refreshments it will be game on for participants to compete in their respective age category where the largest fish will be eligible for a merchandise reward. Landing the largest fish overall will net you 100 mackerels cold cash!  Only one winner will be awarded per category prize.

Steven's Beach - Post 60
Fishing Contest 7:00 AM - 12 Noon. 
Lunch, Awards and Raffle Drawings 11:30 – 1:30 PM

If you weren’t successful bagging the biggest fish prize, no worries because your derby ticket or tickets will be used as your entry into the prize rich raffle drawing.  After recognition has been given to the fishing competition winners for the biggest fish in each age group, we’ll break for a Barbeque Lunch and after which we’ll hold a raffle for all ticket holders for a chance to win an item from a sea of prizes! We’ll also be selling and renewing Shore Club Membership at the event.  Please refer to the FLYER for additional information.

Tickets are offered on the following sliding scale:
  • Tadpole: 1 ticket -   $5
  • Minnow:  3 tickets - $10
  • Trout:     6 tickets - $15
  • Whaler: 10 tickets - $20
Tickets include admission into the fishing derby; light breakfast refreshments; barbeque lunch and entry into the raffle prize drawing.  Tickets can be purchased via our door to door sellers this week or at the event.  The more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win one of the fabulous prizes offered!  


Unknown said...

To whom It may concern, moreover, to those who felt it necessary to call 911, we have spent some time learning how to master wakeboarding at 8 mph. We are very proud and respectful of the 8 mph speed limit. 911 is for EMERGENCY only, someone going the speed limit on the lake is not an emergency in any stretch of the imagination yet alone taking away resources from the emergency response division of our law enforcement. For future please call us at 206-248-6910 rather than call 911.

-May Family

Fuzz Hill said...

Whether an infraction was truly committed or not, in my humble opinion I'd have to agree -

If you see something that you disagree with and you know who it is, please consider picking up your neighborhood directory and call to discussing it with them directly instead of defaulting first to extreme measures... I feel that we are a close enough neighborhood that we should be able to handle grievances among ourselves... if you don't feel you know your neighbors well enough to do so - then I encourage you to come out to the Fishing Derby or any of the other yearly ALSC events for the opportunity to become MUCH better acquainted!

tennishustler said...

Another great fishing derby in the book. My kids enjoyed it as usual. I'll come back here to check out the pics.

Roger May, please come and perform wakeboarding my Park end of the lake. :-)