When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The National Weather Service has predicted the 2009-2010 winter weather to be a season influenced by warmer El Nino’ conditions... but judging from the recent record cold temperatures, it appears to me that someone might have missed that memo!

Either way, the Road Maintenance Officials with the City of SeaTac have compiled a list of priority roads that will be plowed during times of heavy snow to assist drivers in safe navigation throughout the city. A visual map detailing which roads will be cleared can be viewed here.

As a reminder, the following roads within SeaTac will most likely be closed when unsafe conditions (snow and ice) are present:
  • So. 180th Street east of Military Road So. (aka: Levitz Hill)
  • So. 200th Street west of 28th Ave So
  • 37th Place So east of Military Road So.
Vehicle operators will need to use alternative routes during times of road closures.  Additional road closure information for other King County roads may be accessed through their website.

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