The New Angle Lake Shore Club Blog

Hello and Welcome to the New
Angle Lake Shore Club Blog

About the Lake Shore Community
The Angle Lake Shore Club is an all volunteer fraternal organization consisting of SeaTac Citizen's who live on or near the shores of Angle Lake. The club was formed when a group of like minded individuals sharing similar concerns about the health of the lake waters and interests in planning family friendly community events. The Shore Club was formed in the 1940s and continues to prosper under the leadership of the elected Shore Club Board Members. All Angle Lake residents are welcomed and encouraged to join the shore club.

About the Blog
The purpose of this blog is to act as the Lake Shore Club's primary communication vehicle to share information in a timely manner with the residents who live on or near the shores of Angle Lake in Seatac, WA. The blog will be managed by members of the Shore Club Blog Team however, we encourage all Shore Club Members to participate in this blog by becoming frequent visitors of this site; forwarding relevant human interest stories and photos to the Blog Team via our dedicated email address; and/or by freely posting comments regarding the published articles. The degree of success that this blog can achieve is directly proportional to the level of community involvement... Drop us a line to become engaged.

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