Strong Gusts Bring Down More Than Just Leaves

The sun was shining brightly with not a single cloud visible in the sky the afternoon on Saturday, December 26th, however intermittent wind gusts of 25 mph or more were enough to bring down more than just pine needles and dead leaves.  A downed limb was discovered to be partially blocking the northbound lane of Military Road at fire post marker number 40.

A quick call into 911 to report a non-emergency road obstruction in Sea-Tac resulted in a transfer from King County Emergency to the Sea-Tac Fire Department.  After a brief exchange of detailed information, it was just a few short minutes before an engine dispatched from Station #45 was on the scene.  Firemen used a chain saw to divide the large limb into two sections and together with a resident they were able to drag the ivy encrusted limb off the road and into the adjacent ditch.

When asked if it is normal procedure to request help from the fire department when limbs are brought down by high winds, the fireman indicated that normally City of Seatac road crews would be dispatched but for high traffic areas such as Military Road, they are called upon.

A local resident expressed appreciation for the quick response and service by the fire crew.  Total turn around from initial call to final resolution was an outstanding mere15 minutes.

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