Gardening Club Looking To Take Root

During the last Fishing Derby Barbeque, a number of avid hands-in-the-dirt gardeners shared their passion for gardening and came to a unanimous determination that a gardening club should be formed where like minded dirty types can share tips, ideas, seeds and cuttings as well as make new friends and learn something new.  If you love gardening, belonging to a community of people who share your affinity for digging in the dirt is a wonderful pastime. 

Becky Johnson is hoping to locate local gardeners who would be interested in helping to form a gardening group comprised of neighbors in the Angle Lake area. Please contact Becky Johnson at or 206-852-1952 with ideas about frequency, format, name, etc
A few things to consider when starting a garden club
  • What are you going to be called
  • Where should you meet. You might want to check with a locally owned garden supply store and see if they have an area you could use.
  • How often you want to meet
  • What format the meetings should take, do you want a speaker every month or every other month etc)
  • Decide on a committee (you are better off having 4 keen people than 8 that just moan & talk and don't do anything)
  • Have fun, learn, and make some new friends!

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