Crime Survey Complete

Thank you everyone who responded to our request for participation in the online Angle Lake Crime Survey!  A total of sixty (60) individuals took the time necessary in providing responses to the ten questions to help form a baseline understanding of the current perception of crime in our area, determine the degree of impact the average resident feels it is having on their way of life in this area of SeaTac, and supplying us with great ideas regarding what they are doing as homeowners to help combat crime within their immediate neighborhoods.

The Survey Results
A summary of the survey responses is as follows:
  • Of the 60 respondents, 56 felt crime was an issue in their neighborhood
  • With regard for how police were handling crime in their area: 33% were satisfied whereas 67% were neutral or expressed dissatisfaction.
  • When asked if they currently participate in an active block watch, 56 said they do not. However 78% of those surveyed indicated they’d be very interested or somewhat interested in forming an organized block watch and 75% expressed they would be willing to volunteer additional time to work toward crime solutions.
A Call to Action
Viewing the results above, it is clear from the responses that people are willing to invest additional time in partnering with other residents in formulating solutions to reduce their risk of becoming victims of further criminal activity.  These surveyed responses acted as the catalyst for Council Member Pam Fernald to spring into action, responding to a request for help in opening a dialog with the new Crime Prevention Office Rich Rowe and to assist in coordinating and hosting a crime prevention meeting at city facilities for residents concerned about crime.  

Community Crime Prevention Meeting
Council Chambers at SeaTac City Hall
Wednesday, August 29th 6:30 – 7:30 PM

The evening agenda will include information on crime prevention relating to home break-ins plus additional steps to take to prevent criminal activity along the lake shore, share key information on starting a block watch in your area and discussion regarding the benefits and proven effectiveness of forming block watches. There will be a question, answer and comment period at the end of the meeting as an opportunity for residents to address any unique circumstance or experience they are faced with. 

Please make plans now to attend this beneficial workshop and please encourage your neighbors to do so, too!

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