Plenty Reason to Celebrate!

The days ending November and leading into December were highlighted with a couple significant events which lend good cause for celebration!

Monday, November 29th. The many weeks of campaigning, meetings, petitions and conversations concluded with the City Officials conducting a Special Council Meeting to deliver a final vote for approval of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.  After some additional debate and discussion, the council voted to approve all items included in the draft plan except for Map Amendment 4. By way of unanimous vote the council decided that the Lindstrom proposal for a rezone to Industrial would be denied and the property will remain with the current Medium Density Residential designation. It was mentioned that the decision was heavily influenced by the strong collective voice that was presented by the neighborhood. Thank you to all area residents who had  invested their private time to support opposition in preventing this particular map amendment change from occurring.
Saturday, December 4th. The annual ALSC Members Only Christmas Party was held this year at the home of Jim and Robyn Todd. Several of the more tenured residents commented frequently on what a wonderful job the Todd’s have done in renovating this house into the exquisite home it is today. The party was well attended by what seemed to be nearly one hundred guests enjoying a full hosted bar, tasty hors d’oeuvres and delicious buffet dinner served by Bakeman’s Restaurant.  The evening included a brief Shore Club meeting to recap the years events, the year’s best and worst list (weather topped both lists!) and recognition of service to Shirley Stevens and selection of Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. The party was scheduled to end at 8:00 PM but the guests were so wrapped up into having fun it was well past that time when the bar was finally shut down and folks began heading home…  “Time really does fly when you’re surrounded by such wonderful neighbors and having the time of your life!” For those of you who attended, we hope you had an equally wonderful time. Photos of the event are available for viewing HERE.  


Oren Hadaller said...

It was a great evening of fun and laughter. The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been a come from behind win by the COUGS.

Just an added note, the Lutheran family resource center is in need of presents for kids and teens. A gift card from Target, Ultra or Old Navy would be great for youth 12-18 and toys for o to 11. Can you help? You can call the center at 206 816-3240. Gifts drop off at the Center would be appreciated by the 11th. The need is especially great this year.

LPG said...

Well now that my head has finally cleared I think I can now put down in words what I learned at the ALSC Christmas Party.

1. I learned that rooms with no carpeting make speaking easy because no one can understand you.

2. I learned that there are many places to put a name tag which made trying to read them that much more fun.

3. I learned that in some cases having name tags can be more confusing than not having them.

4. I learned that having bartenders that get tired of 'measuring' thier shots is not a bad thing.

5. I learned that drinking alcohol and discussing politics is not necessarily a good thing.

6. I learned that when someone tells me that they can tell the difference between Makers Mark and R & R that they are only kidding themselves. (Yea you know who you are!)

7. I learned that 'SEX IN A SLEIGH' was the most popular item at the party.

8. But MOST OF ALL I was reminded of what a great bunch of people belong to the ALSC and how greatful I am to have an organization like this in my neighborhood.