A Christmas Story (Based on True Facts!)

Santa’s (Last Resort) Christmas Helpers took to the water on Friday, December 17th to help spread yuletide cheer with our lakeside neighbors. The flotilla included the traditional two holiday barges operated by Captains Jim Todd and Bruce Bryant who were accompanied by their respective First Mates Robyn and Kathy and each with guests onboard. 

Shortly after setting sail, the group had the misfortune to be visited by some guy named "Murphy" and suffered the ill effects of his infamous "Law".  As luck would have it, the Bryant Vessel was running low on battery power to run the onboard lights and the Todd Ship propulsion system was beginning to fail.  But not to fear, the Christmas Spirit, mixed with a little ingenuity from the commodore staff, had the boats tethered together in no time so that the Bryant Boat with it's plentiful engine power propelled the two barges through the night and the Todd Craft with ample electrical supply was able to light both along the way.  But the combined girth made it too challenging to navigate onto the beaches to visit with the revelers waiting at the various bonfires.  The crew became increasingly troubled with the idea that the many neighbors who tended to bonfires on the beach would not be rewarded with a visit from the helpless elves bearing holiday enthusiasm and succulent treats.

But as something akin to the situation that Santa faced on that dreaded foggy evening, without notice a small zippy fishing boat with colorful lights circling it's rim came rushing out of the darkness toward the group.  Everyone began to question who it could be and not until they were along side the barges was it known that the dingy was under the command of Russ and Patti Austin. It proved to be the perfect solution – the barges would pass by the beach as close as possible sharing holiday greetings and Christmas music while Russ and Patti nimbly cruised up with an offer of homemade almond rocca ® to those friends who waited patiently on the beach.  The goal of helping spread Christmas Cheer was ultimately fulfilled due to good neighbors coming together to deliver a solution.

The Christmas Cruise Captains, First Mates and their guests wish to express their great appreciation for the people who turned out on the beaches, their participation truly made the event very enjoyable.  Next year we hope to continue to add more boats and be able to make more stops along the way.   Photos of the cruise are available for viewing HERE.


Geoff Steen said...

Sounds like a great event. There's something very Christmassy about boats (though the cres might disagree!).

Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment Geoff! I note that you are from Llandudno, North Wales - do you have any particular special holiday festivities that your community celebrates?

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