New Season, New Volunteers, and New Dates!

The Angle Lake Shore Club Board met Wednesday, February 15th to schedule the upcoming event dates for the 2017 season and to welcome four new volunteers to the team!  
Back Row: Judy, Steve, Marge, Drew, Debbie, Lonnie, Kari, Sandy, Julie
Front Row: Fuzz, Jim, Lynne, Tani Rae
New volunteer members include:
  • Lynne Caster – Events Coordinator
  • Drew Clark – Newsletter Editor
  • Kari Fogelman – Newsletter and Promotional Advertising
  • Sandy Goulet – Welcome Committee

A full list of assignments and duties can be viewed by clicking the link on the top of the blog site page labeled ‘About Us’. Please join us in welcoming our new volunteer and returning board members for 2017!

This year we’ve made an electronic copy of the 2017 Events Calendar available to you for download. Burn off a copy and hang it on your refrigerator to ensure that you won’t miss any of the exciting events we have planned for you and your family to enjoy! A schedule is also always available to view by clicking the link on the top of the blog site page labeled ‘Annual Events’. You can also access our online photo albums to view all the pictures taken during prior events!

The 2017 date and events are as follows:
  • SUN APR 16 – Easter Bunny Dock Hop
  • SUN APR 30 – Fishing Derby, Picnic and Raffle
  • TUE JUL 04 – Independence Day
  • SAT JUL 22 – Lake Bottom Clean Sweep
  • SAT AUG 12 – Floating Tasty Tapas
  • SUN OCT 29 – SpOOtacular BOO Cruise
  • SUN NOV 26 – Santa Christmas Tree Lighting
  • SAT DEC 02 – Members Only Christmas Party
  • SAT DEC 09 – Santa’s Christmas Cruise

In addition to the list of events above, we plan to continue our “Middle of the ‘L’ Social Hours” during the summer months. Any change to events, dates and/or times will be announced through the blog and via our quarterly newsletter.

The new and improved 2017 ALSC Board and Volunteer Member Team is looking forward to delivering a slew of quality events to our members and are eager to meet with you at each of these events!

See you out on the water, soon!

Building Community While Building Barges

In the spirit of a traditional Barn Raising, where material goods are created and community bonds are strengthened through a collaborative construction event, the Angle Lake Shore Club is announcing a call to action in assembling the final three barges needed for the launch site of the upcoming Fourth of July Fireworks Display.

This is one of those once in a lifetime moments, rarely found in modern times, where neighbors have an opportunity to come together to work collectively toward delivering on a major common goal.

Please send an email indicating your interest to participate in the Barge Assembly Program to: Due to space limitations, volunteer participation will be reserved on a first come, first accepted basis. A formal scheduled will be announced in the coming weeks.

When a community comes together
A barn raising is a collective action in which a barn for one of the members is built or rebuilt collaboratively by members of the community. Barn rising was particularly common in 18th- and 19th-century rural North America. A barn was a necessary structure for any farmer yet the assembly required more labor than a typical family could provide. Barn raising addressed the need by enlisting members of the community, unpaid, to assist in the building of their neighbors' barns. Because each member was entitled to recruit others for help, the favor would eventually return to each participant. The tradition of "barn raising" continues, more or less unchanged, in some Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities, particularly in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and some rural parts of Canada. The practice continues outside of these religious communities, albeit less frequently than in the 19th century.

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed by education professionals to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations. Many team-building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within a business group. Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development that can be applied to groups such as sports teams, school classes, military units or neighborhoods. The formal definition of team-building includes:
  • aligning around goals
  • finding solutions to problems
  • building effective working relationships
Of all organizational activities, one study found team-development to have the strongest effect for improving organizational performance and could likewise deliver similar benefit to community organizations, as well.

There are proven personal benefits of community volunteerism. Surrounding oneself with new people who may be of different ethnicity, have different backgrounds and views, working together collectively not only promotes learning how to improve collaborative teamwork and build relationship skills, it reduces stereotypes, increases appreciation of other cultures, and works to allow people to discover others that they can relate to.

We urge you to consider taking advantage of this rare opportunity to join with other community members to achieve a successful common goal.

Flight Corridor Safety Program - 200th Street So.

Airports around the country periodically must remove obstructions as trees and vegetation mature. If not removed, these trees either are or soon will grow tall enough to encroach upon the airport’s airspace and pose a risk to aircraft safety and the safety of the surrounding community in the case of an aircraft emergency. To help ensure safe aircraft takeoffs and landing Sea-Tac Airport, the Port of Seattle Flight Corridor Safety Program plans to remove obstructions, primarily trees, from around the runways.

View of the Southern End of the Sea-Tac Airport

In November 2016, SeaTac area residents gathered to express concern regarding the negative environmental impact this program would have on the surrounding area. The Port of Seattle Commissioners have responded to these community concerns by introducing plans that include replacing over-height trees in the Sea-Tac Airport flight corridor with native, lower-growing trees and shrubs and creating a $1 million fund for the citizens and communities of Burien, Des Moines and SeaTac to invest in environmental and ecological projects and programs.

The Port of Seattle will move forward with a plan that substantially reduces the number of trees to be removed to approximately 611 that are growing on Port property and will be replaced with approximately 1463 native, lower-growing trees, shrubs and flowers. Plans also include more community engagement before determining the removal and replanting approach for Port-owned property near S 200th St and 10th Ave S, where most of the over-height conifers are adjacent to residential properties.

The Port of Seattle will host an Open House to seek public input on the removal and replanting of the southern approaches along South 200th Street and will share information about the $1 million fund to be applied to environmental projects and programs within the surrounding impacted airport communities.

Port of Seattle Open House
Wednesday, Feb 1, 6 to 8PM
SeaTac Community Center Banquet Room
13735 – 24th Ave So, SeaTac 98168
Child Care will be available

For more information, please plan to attend this public forum or visit the Port of Seattle Website.

Public Safety Training on Angle Lake

City Council will review the proposed changes to SeaTac Municipal Code being introduced through Agenda Bill 4471: An ordinance to amend Parks Code allowing permitted approval to exceed posted speed limit on Angle Lake for the purpose of public safety training.

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, the agency that now provides fire and emergency health services to the City of SeaTac, is requesting authorization to perform public safety training on Angle Lake up to twice per month or up to 26 times throughout the year.

The proposal is for the addition of a new Section (2.44.156) to existing SeaTac Municipal Code related to certain boating regulations on Angle Lake. This new amendment, if approved, will supersede the constraints established that govern Noise (SMC 8.05.360), Boat Speed limits (SMC 2.45.220), and Boat occupancy limits (SMC 2.45.260) and will waive these restrictions when annual permit is issued for  operations limited to public safety training purposes only.

On the surface, this looks like a reasonable request wanting to have emergency personnel familiar with service environments prior to any emergency need.  However, a select number of residents on the lake have frequently voiced opposition to this program sighting that the training operations create significant wake and causes concern for shoreline erosion. Noise is another concern and the opinion that residents have a proven track record that they are first responders in any emergency situation, responding far quicker that the time it would take to hook up the boat, dispatch it Angle Lake and launch. 

If approved, the Ordinance authorizes the Parks, Community Services and Programs Director to authorize a limited number (26 times) of public safety training events on Angle Lake through a special use permit, including boating speeds in excess of five (5) knots per hour.  The maximum speed of the training boats will be 20 mph with the claim being that this reduced speed will address concerns regarding wake on the water eliminating any shore erosion created from these training operations.  Training exercises will be conducted in the middle of the lake away from homes in an effort to reduce noise concerns. The Puget Sound R.F.A. currently uses Lake Washington at Gene Coulon Park in the City of Renton to conduct their training, which takes them out of our city limits. The other training option (Lake Meridian in Kent) is described as being an unfavorable travel distance from Station 45 where the rescue boat is currently housed.

If you have an opinion regarding this matter, please make your preferences known.  You will have opportunities to share your comments during public comments at the beginning of the Council Study Session on Tuesday, January 25th at 5 PM; or at the beginning of the Regular Council Session on Tuesday, February 14th at 7 PM; or by writing or calling members of the SeaTac City Council.

A Quick Look Back

Looking back on the last month of 2016, the Shore Club hosted three widely popular events:
We’ve uploaded numerous photos to each of these albums for you to peruse and enjoy.  Click on any of the hotlinks listed above to view the photos. Feel free to download for your own local storage library and/or share with friends and family via your favorite social media platform.

The ALSC Board will be meeting in February to establish our 2017 Event Dates. After which time we’ll update the Blog and add a downloadable, printable calendar so that you can be sure not to miss any of the upcoming fun in the next year.

Happy New Year!
See You Soon.