Spook-tacular Boo Cruise!

The Spook-tacular Boo Cruise is set to sail the Eve of All-Hallows Eve! Or in simpler terms, select Angle Lake Shore Club Board Members will be circling the lake via pontoon boat prepared to greet all costumed revelers lakeside and present them with a goodie bag of filled with treats.

Travel times will be between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. If you’re interested in hosting a stop, please invite all neighboring children to join. Gather an estimate number of children that are planning to attend and phone this in to Fuzz Hill (two-zero-six) 972-7220 no later than Thursday, October 27th.

If you miss the opportunity to reserve a stop, locations and estimated times will be posted on the blog Friday, October 28th. Please travel to one of the scheduled stops to participate.

A Return to Normal?

After 20 years of planning, re-planning, funding and additional funding, the Sound Transit Link Light Rail promise of an “Airport Extension” linking Tukwila through the airport to 200th Street was finally realized with the opening of the new Angle Lake Station, Plaza and parking garage on September 24th, 2016. 

Construction on the overhead track began April 2013 with the Station and Parking garage ground breaking activity starting a year and a half later in September 2014. Commuters through the area along with residents around the project had endured diversions, detours, traffic delays and construction noise. 

Completion of this major project should mean a return to peaceful conditions with normal traffic flows in the area. Well… not so fast. There are additional projects underway in the area to the east and west of the station:

Connecting 28th/24th Avenue S.
Located to the southwest side of the Sound Transit Angle Lake station another major construction effort has been underway to create a new arterial alternative aligned parallel to International Boulevard. Existing 28th Avenue which curves west at South 200th street is planned to continue south on the new surface road which will become 24th Avenue So and ultimately connect to South 216th street. 

Arterial work on South 24th between 208th and 216th has already completed. Additional tasks recently completed on the stretch between 200th and 208th includes the installation of bridge abutments; concrete roadside curb and gutter, center median curb, and pre-level pavement. Overhead utilities have been converted underground along 24th Avenue S. (north of S. 208th Street) Starting this week the Contractor will be installing pre-cast concrete girders that will support the new roadway and bridge over the future SR 509 highway. This is a significant milestone in the project and indicative of the planning partnership with WSDOT to have this roadway be forward compatible with SR509. The arterial effort is scheduled for an August 2017 completion. SR509 is planned to complete in 2031.

Intersection Improvements at Military Road and S. 200th Street 
Construction work by WSDOT is continuing on the Southbound I-5 interchange at Military Road S. and S. 200th Street. This work will widen and realign the intersection and install new traffic signals to allow for easier access between I-5 and, the Angle Lake Light Rail Station, and the City of SeaTac. 

What to expect:
  • Motorists should expect travel delays during construction on South 200th Street, Military Road, the southbound I-5 off-ramp to South 200th Street/Military Road, and the South 200th Street/Military Road on-ramp to southbound I-5 with increased delays during weekday commuting hours.
  • Lanes may be reduced during construction. There may also be periodic I-5 ramp closures at this location. Signage and flaggers will help motorists and pedestrians get safely around the work zone. Ramp closures will be announced in advance using electronic message signs.
  • Typical work times will be between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays and nighttime work will also be happening. The City of SeaTac has approved a noise variance for nighttime work for this project.
  • Expect noise from equipment breaking up and removing existing sections of asphalt and other activities (trucks, excavators, bulldozers, vactor trucks, drill rigs, saw cutting equipment). Lighting will be used to illuminate the work area during nighttime hours. Please contact 440.4DOT (4368) for any noise related complaints

Motorists should plan alternate routes around the area during construction if possible. A 24-hour construction hotline is available at 888.298.2395 to assist with any project related questions.

Go FAST, Turn Left!

Picture yourself traveling at 60 MPH, not sitting in your 3,000 lb. Chevy, but crouching mere inches above the water, braced in a 125 lb. wooden boat, the wind whistling by your helmet. Your left hand squeezes the throttle; your right hand is glued to the steering wheel. As the boat skims over the surface, your slightest movement affects your ride over the ever-changing contour of the water. Now picture yourself surrounded by 11 other boats, just inches apart. Rough water jolts you and you’re drenched from the competing boat’s spray; you anxiously await the opportunity to shoot to pass your closest opponent, pushing your mind, your will and your body to the limit. 

That is what the 80 plus drivers may experience when they take to Angle Lake September 10th and 11th for the Frank Hansen Memorial Race Regatta Presented by Graham Trucking and MasterPark. 

The Location
Seattle Outboard Association, an organization that has been producing races for over 80 years, will host the two day event with addition support from local SeaTac businesses, Graham Trucking and MasterPark Airport Valet Parking

The race event will take place at 
Angle Lake Park
19408 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Time: 11 AM to 6 PM
Dates:  Sept 10 and 11 

Spectators are invited to tour the pits, see the boats up close and meet the racers provided a waiver is signed and the guest wears closed toed shoes. The park offers superb ‘amphitheater’ seating on the grassy slope above the sandy beach where the boats will be hand launched and offer prime viewing of all the competitive racing taking place the East-West leg of the lake.

Due to safety concerns and insurance regulations, the surface waters of east-west leg of the lake, including the park shoreline and boat launch will remain a restricted area with no public or residential access permitted from 11 AM until 6 PM. However the Northern portion of the North-South leg of the lake will remain open and unobstructed.

NOTE: Parking in and around Angle Lake Park is EXTREMELY limited. We encourage you to consider parking at locations outside the area (eg: Tukwila International Blvd Link Light Rail Station; SeaTac Airport or MasterPark) and taking the Metro RapidRide 'A Line' to the park.

The Boats
The race boats will be of three distinct designs—Hydroplane, Runabout and Tunnel Boat. All are constructed with lightweight marine plywood and mahogany, carbon fiber or fiberglass. The two day event will feature multiple classes. Each class mandates specific engines that are compliant and there are requirements for propellers, boat design etc.  

The race boats are roughly 9 to 14 feet long and weigh 100 to 250 pounds. Most drivers kneel in the cockpit; some boats are driven in a lay-down position; some have the driver seated. Typically the left hand works the spring-loaded throttle and the right hand handles the steering wheel.

Hydroplanes have a three-point design and ride on a cushion of air —only the two front sponsons and the propeller touch the water. Air is trapped underneath, causing the boat to lift and ride on this cushion of air, skimming across the surface of the water. 

Tunnel Boats are a strange 'bird'. While the tunnel derives much of its high performance from air lift, it depends at the same time on its planing interaction with the water to maintain a stable and controlled 'flight'. This interdependence of water and air force dynamics is the key to the approach to tunnel design.

Runabouts slice through the water rather than skim over the surface. Runabouts can vary greatly in design but generally they have a flat riding surface, tapered to a point in front, and do not channel air under the hull. Turning is an art and it can be work just to keep the boat level—similar to driving a motocross dirt bike. While, typically slower than Hydros, the thrills of racing runabouts are unmatched, just watch a runabout round a buoy and you’ll see the difference! 

The Schedule
While the concept of a race event held at Angle Lake has been in the works for well over two and a half years, it was only recently (July 27th) that the SeaTac City Council authorized a onetime waiver raising the speed restrictions on the lake from 8 mph for this event. SOA has been working diligently with City Administration and Parks Department leaders to approve plans, secure permits and insurance coverage and seeking approval as an American Power Boat Association sanctioned event.

The official schedule is expected to be posted on Thursday, Sept 8th. However, spectators can anticipate two full days of racing excitement comprised of approximately 40 heats each of the two days. Individual class heats will be spaced at 10 minute intervals consisting of: 3 minute warm up; 5 minutes racing (three laps on a ¾ mile course); 2 minute calming.

More Information
If after attending the event you’d like to learn more about outboard racing, please visit the nationally acclaimed Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum located just down the hill on 196th Street in Kent, or consider signing up for the 2017 SOA ‘New Folks in Boats’ novice driver training program!

The Cloud of Mystery is Lifted

Train tests are under way at the scenic Angle Lake park-and-ride station, as Sound Transit announces  Angle Lake Link light rail will begin service on Saturday, September 24th.

Welcome to Angle Lake Station. This elevated station is located just south of Sea-Tac Airport, near Angle Lake in SeaTac. The 1,050-stall parking garage connects to the train platform via a covered pedestrian walkway. Modern elevators and escalators connect riders to the pedestrian plaza at street level. From here, you can ride congestion-free to Westlake Station in downtown Seattle in 41 minutes and to the UW in about 48 minutes. Trains will arrive every six minutes during peak hours. 

The Angle Lake Station was approved by voters in 1996 and promised by 2006. But Sound Transit grossly underestimated costs and wound up building the 21-mile corridor in five phases. The 1.6-mile Angle Lake segment is $40 million under the $383 million estimate when construction started in 2013, CEO Peter Rogoff said.

Passengers who will to depart from the Angle Lake area can choose from five ways to arrive at the Link light rail station: park-and ride lot; the Rapid Ride Bus A Line; car or taxi drop-offs; walking from home; or bike lanes going west into Des Moines.

From the station platform above, riders can see Mount Rainier and Puget Sound, or gaze upon the Federal Detention Center, down the hill. While waiting for the next train, riders can check out the unique artwork and station design.

Artist Laura Haddad created the public art sculpture “Cloud” above the station platform. Wind activates thousands of individual discs while sunlight makes them shimmer and glow. The Cloud serves as a sculptural barometer of local weather. Additionally, artist Jill Anholt’s piece “Immerse” appears to hang weightlessly in the portal of the plaza’s grand staircase, with the sculpture’s four delicate arcs transferring light into the parking area below.

Refer to Sound Transit's website for additional rider information.

Corrective Notice - Angle Lake Boat Races

The following is a supplemental notice regarding some incorrect statements included in a recent flyer:


As a courtesy to the residents living on and around the Angle Lake Community, the Angle Lake Shore Club recently distributed a flyer announcing Hydroplane Races scheduled for September 10th & 11th.

This BULLETIN is to correct a few misstatements and expand on a couple other items included in that flyer so that we are all on the same page:

1. Hours of actual racing are from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on both Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th

2. The statement that “The Seattle Outboard Association has obtained a Park Use Permit” is not correct.  The current status is that the City of SeaTac has approved amending the existing ordinance regarding speed limits on Angle Lake for this single event.  Subsequently the City of SeaTac is currently working on adapting a Special Use Permit to accommodate this event.  In talks with Council Members, City Staff and The Seattle Outboard Association we feel confident that everyone is on board to make this happen.

3. Park Restrictions and Lake Closure will be formally addressed in the Special Use Permit for the event.  However, until such time as we hear differently here are some guidelines for those private property owners along the shoreline to consider:
   a. While the East / West leg of the lake will most certainly be closed to public during the event some type of barrier will be in place to separate the north / south leg of the lake that we believe will remain open for public use.  
   b. We recommend any water activity at private waterfront lots be limited to between the shoreline and dock areas and that all children are under constant adult supervision to avoid anyone from encroaching past the dock lines.
   c. Make sure that all privately owned boats, equipment, toys, etc. are fully secured to minimize that chances of drifting into the race course.

4. This special event is fully operated and funded by The Seattle Outboard Association and is NOT an ALSC event, however the ALSC does endorse this event.

5. We ask everyone to pay attention to the following points for objective consider in the event that the ALSC board of directors remains in favor of this event and goes around with another survey to see if a majority still want the event for future years.

6. We want this to be a fun event for those that supported it and a safe event for everyone.

The ALSC Board of Directors