Ye’ ave Been Forewarned!

Come the Eve of the Eve of All Hallows Eve [Sunday, Oct 29th to be exact!] the forlorn spirits of Angle Lake past shall set sail on the Boo Boat circling the lake in search of children and their families. Their mission? Not to torment or disturb but to meet and greet all who are in costume and present them with Halloween treats!

ALSC Halloween Boo Boat Spooktacular
Sunday, October 29th
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Scheduled Stops and Estimated Time of Arrival
John and Lisa Siedenburg
Maria Rice and Andrew
David and Maritza Gutierrez
Chris and Angela Mungra
Judy Williams
Harvey and Phyllis Picket
Steve and Debbie Beck
Marlys Patton (Tim/Jill)
Bob and Chris Simmons
Jeannie (ALMHP)
Curtis and Kerry Steinke

The Boo-Boat will have spooky treats on board to present to children; families; and adults who are dressed in costume! We will also have a photographer ready to take family photos for you or if you would like to take pictures with our Spooky Boo Cruisers!

The Fine Print:
Subject to safe weather conditions, high winds may force event cancellation without prior notice. Arrival times indicated above are estimated. Gift bags are limited to the first 80 costumed participants. 

" You've Got Mail! "

This past week, the Shore Club had completed the task of emailing out the 2017 Fall Newsletter.  
If you are a member who is in active membership status or a recently expired member AND we have your current email address on file – you should have received a copy of the publication in your inbox already. 

If you had not received a copy any of the following apply to you, please contact Judy Williams for assistance:
  • I am a current member but have not been receiving any Shore Club E-Mailings
  • I am a current member who has changed their email address
  • I am no longer current but would like to reinstate my membership 
If you live within our Angle Lake boundaries and would like to consider becoming a member of the Shore Club, please contact our Welcoming Committee to schedule a visit to receive more information about Club Membership benefits and to receive a packet of valuable discounts available from local area businesses.

Annual Members Only Christmas Party Invitations will be sent out mid-November so please be sure your contact information is correct and your membership is active to ensure you receive your invite.

Remembering Corky

Mikey and Corky Serving Up Fun at the Tasty Tapas
If ever you had the pleasure to meet the Vennetti Twins, you've no doubt experienced the effervescent sparkle these two brought to our events and the day to day lives for those fortunate to refer to them as neighbors. Their enthusiasm and zest toward life is nothing less than infectious. 

Unfortunately, on July 12th one half of the pair was taken from us unexpectedly. Coralie (also known as Corky) incurred a severe brain hemorrhage and shortly thereafter passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. 

Her surviving sister Rosalie (also known as Mikey) would like to acknowledges the incredibly supportive group of friends here in our Angle Lake Community and to express her sincere appreciation for the continuing support and day to day visits sharing memories, laughs, a few cries, some spontaneous songs and a movie quote or two. “After every visit, my heart felt lighter than before they came. I was left with a sense of gratitude that we are loved by so many” Mikey expressed. 

Mikey also wishes to share with you the decision that the memorial service has been cancelled. The family has decided that more time is needed for the healing process to continue. Going through photos and stories of happy times seemed to be counterproductive to the direction they are taking in moving forward with this devastating loss.

On November 4th you’re requested to raise a glass to Corky and give thanks to all the joy she brought into each of our lives.

Godspeed, Corky. You will be sorely missed.

Red Light Cameras - To Keep or Not to Keep

The contract extension between the City of SeaTac and Redflex Traffic Systems is set to expire on December 31st this year. The question now is if red light cameras should continue operating in SeaTac or not. The Council is seeking opinion from the greater community to assist in reaching a decision.

The contract with Redflex was originally due to expired last summer however the council responded by agreeing to a temporary extension to give city staff time to put out a request for competitive bids. The field of prospective service providers has been reduced to three for consideration.

General consensus appeared to be leaning toward signing a contract with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) based on the following expected benefits:
  • Positive local history (Seattle, Des Moines, Renton, Kent, others)
  • Competitive Costing Model ($11,250 p/m ($3750 p/site)) plus $10,000 marketing allowance; compared to current $13,500 p/m ($4,500 p/site))
  • No Criminal Litigation History (challenges to legality only, none currently pending in Washington)
  • Citation processing compatible with SeaTac Court, adjustable if desired in the future.
  • Technology Capabilities (loop-less detection, traffic studies, video and photo, etc.)
  • Data Collection Options (local staff or company prepared)
  • Customer Service (complaint mitigation, staff training, option for fee processing, etc.)
  • Contract Transition Plan (next-day operational)
Of course these contractual benefits will not be realized if a decision is made to not allow red light cameras to continue operating in SeaTac. And that is where your opinion matters – 

You are being asked to offer comments on the choice of whether Red Light Cameras should continue to monitor traffic compliance at our intersections or should they be removed? You can share your comments by calling or writing any member on the council or sign up to speak at the Regular Council Meeting during public comments.

All three  cameras are operating within close proximity of our Angle Lake Neighborhoods:
  • International Boulevard Northbound at 200th Street
  • International Boulevard Southbound at 188th Street
  • Military Road Southbound at 188th Street.

The Return of Hydroplane Racing at Angle Lake

Interest in hydroplane racing may be waning in Seattle, however just up the hill from the national Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in SeaTac, excitement toward the sport of hydroplane racing is starting to take off!

Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), an organization founded in 1929, is bringing back the American Power Boat Association (APBA) hydroplanes, runabouts, and tunnel boats to Angle Lake September 9th and 10th for the second annual Frank Hansen Memorial Regatta!

Angle Lake Park
19408 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Time: 11 AM to 6 PM

Just like last year, there will be two full days of boat racing excitement on the East-West leg of the lake. Spectators will again be welcome into the Race Pits** to see the boats up close and meet the racers with their crew. 

What is new for this year?  

Well for starters, besides being a Modified Western Divisional location, Angle Lake is now the fourth stop in a series of five races where drivers are awarded and accumulate points based on their wins. The driver with the most points at the completion of specified races at the five selected locations in the series is presented the coveted ‘Babcock Trophy’ which is one of the most prestigious honors a racer can receive.

Portions of the East-West leg of the lake will still be off limits for public access; however the restrictive boundary lines are expected to take up less area. There are plans this year to string together several of the new ALSC Barges to form a ‘log boom’ on the eastern straightaway allowing boats to anchor up to and spectators to assemble their tables and chairs from to watch the race action up close!

But wait that’s not all! One of the most consistently voiced comments heard after the race last year was that the announcements from the tower could not clearly be heard around the lake. We now have a solution for that. Twenty-four year resident, President of the Mark Eleven Condominium Association and longtime broadcast authority, Allan Freedman is generously donating his time, lending his subject matter expertise and equipment to enable low power FM transmission of the tower communications! Spectators and race enthusiasts from around the lake will be able to tune into FM 90.5 on Saturday and Sunday to hear all the race coverage broadcast from the tower!  Special appreciation goes to our neighbors  Allan Freedman, Bob and Chris Simmons for their contributions in helping to deliver this capability.


If you’d like to know about the boats, races and drivers, please download a courtesy copy of ‘Hydro Basics’ authored by John M. Adams. John built his first outboard hydroplane at age 16 and actively raced for over 20 years in Region 10 with the Seattle Outboard Association. He is currently a retired driver and helps as a crew member of Adams Racing.   

** Entry into the race pits is restricted to spectators who have signed a waiver and are wearing close toed footwear.