An Angle Lake Resident Requests Your Support

The following letter was written by an Angle Lake resident and Shore Club member and requested that it be posted on our ALSC blog site. Any comments or questions relating to this article may be sent to and shall be forwarded to Josh. 

My name is Josh Sweet and I have the privilege of being an Angle Lake resident, my family and I call the city of SeaTac home.

Many in our community may already be aware, the 4th of July fireworks celebration on Angle Lake is in jeopardy.  This week the SeaTac Blog published an online article noting that a complaint was filed with the city, specifically regarding the annual hydroplane races.  Unfortunately, the city’s legal interpretation of the referenced court ruling is being applied broadly due to fear of potential litigation and the fireworks show became collateral damage.

SeaTac Parks and Recreation is moving forward with $40,000 in funding to provide an aerial drone show in lieu of the long-standing tradition of supporting the fireworks display, which is also funded jointly by donations from the Angle Lake community.

The annual fireworks display, and 4th of July celebration is a mainstay of summer in SeaTac, drawing over 8,000 attendees in 2023, this event was a key factor in my family choosing to live on Angle Lake. In speaking with my neighbors who have been residents on and around Angle Lake since the 1950’s, they don’t recall a time in which 4th of July didn’t include a fireworks celebration apart from 2020/2021 due to Covid restrictions, it would be such a shame to see the celebration be diminished and fizzle out.

This event brings family, friends, and our broader community together and my ask to everyone is to sign and share our online petition; let’s come together and let the City of SeaTac know that we want the tradition of 4th of July fireworks on Angle Lake preserved and we are counting on the city’s sustaining contribution.

With thanks,

Josh Sweet
Angle Lake neighbor


The content in this guest post does not necessarily reflect the views of the Shore Club Board or it's many members. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I also thought this "complaint" was taken way too far. The fireworks display has been a great community event enjoyed by the residents around the lake and many at the park. It seams to see and enjoy a drone show you would need to be at the park? there is already a huge parking problem. Would the same restrictions still need to be in place for a "drone show"?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts. I have worked in SeaTac since the 60s, & and purchased property with Angle Lake beach rights in the 80s. As Shore Club members, We paid for & enjoyed fireworks & participation in the 4th of July all these years. Until a few yrs ago fireworks were totally paid for by Shore Club residents, & the city benefited from them as they attracted many viewers from all over to watch from the park. Even though there had been strict speed limits set for Angle Lake by ordinance & community wishes, a few Vounteers from of our shore club convinced the city to change the established ordinances to allow very loud speed boats to go over 100 knots for three days on our otherwise peaceful lake. If they can change the laws to allow that, surely they can legal justification to allow the much longer established fireworks show to continue. We have not paid our donations to The Shore Club for a lazer lightshow!

John Bennett ALCS member said...

Good morning to you all. This is John Bennett, President of the Shore Club. I want to thank you all for your comments and support over the years. As you can imagine, the Club was as caught off guard by this announcement as much as the rest of you were. For years we have enjoyed the fireworks here on the lake, and it has always been the community event of the year! After hearing of this news, we met with various SeaTac officials to voice our disappointment and concerns about future 4th of July events. The city is proposing the drone and laser show for this year only as a trial to see what the community thinks about it. As a Club, we are working with the city on the possibility of having a drone show AND a fireworks show, presented solely by the Angle Lake Shore Club. This has been a huge undertaking and we are waiting to hear back from the city on our proposal, so as soon as we get more information we promise to share it with the community. Please know that the drone and laser show is being put on by the city of Seatac and the Club has not, nor will not be making any donations to their show. I would like to suggest that after the shows are presented on the 4th, contact the city of Seatac with your thoughts and opinions, as I think it will give a clear picture as to how the community feels about this potentially new program. I know the fireworks are very important to you all, and I am hoping that the city understands this, based on everyone's feedback. More to come on this, so please stay tuned. My email address is if you wish to email me directly. Again please keep in mind that the Club had absolutely nothing to do with this decision and we continue to work on a solution that will benefit everyone in the community. Thanks again and have a wonderful Easter holiday with your family and friends