Gear Up for Some Serious G-Forces and Good Times

UPDATE: City officials have announced that they have been unable to locate any property owners who could produce a deed of title proving their frontage lot lines extend below the high water mark. Therefore, it is confirmed that the lakebed and waters up to the high water mark are recognized as public waters held in trust by the State of Washington. Consequently, the earlier decision to deny the park permit for race operations to the Seattle Outboard Association has been rescinded, and a weekend conditional use permit will be granted, as was previously allowed.

Attention all thrill seekers and aviation enthusiasts! Mark your calendars! The iconic U.S. Navy Blue Angels together with the amazing Airforce Thunderbirds with be tearing up the skies over Angle Lake during the heart pounding Frank Hansen Memorial Regatta Hydroplane races hosted by Seattle Outboard Association. Mark your calendars for September 7th and 8th for this high-octane spectacle that combines the roar of the hydroplanes with the awe-inspiring precision of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds!

That's right, get ready for a weekend of double the excitement as the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds perform their awe-inspiring low ceiling aerial maneuvers alongside the high-speed spectacle of the j-series hydroplane races. And the fun doesn't stop there! Seafair is returning as a prime sponsor of the weekend event and will be bringing back all your favorite elements.

Mingle with the wacky and wonderful Seafair Clowns who’ll be spreading smiles throughout the event, grab a bite from a variety of delicious food trucks, and enjoy a soundtrack of all-day live music on stage to keep the energy pumping. And on Saturday Night, the Shore Club will be producing a most amazing fireworks display launched from three separate locations on the lake, fired in unison for a pyrotechnic show not seen since Independence Day 2022.

Whether you're a die-hard hydroplane fan or simply looking for an unforgettable family outing, it's a weekend for the whole family and one that you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendars now for your chance to witness the magic of this Seafair Community Event! 

(Post Script: This article is an April Fools Joke)

Additional Comment from the Author: While the above post was created in the spirit of tricking the reader with fake news on April Fools Day, except for the Blue Angles and Thunderbirds flying overhead, imagine what a marquee event this could have eventually evolved into for the City of SeaTac and the region had it not been for a few selfish, short-sighted malcontents who opposed the idea. 

Replace the air show with Touch a Truck to bring more families to the park, increase the variety of food trucks, add all day music, and offer bouncy houses and games to keep families at the park throughout the day and what could have been created is a world class event offered to the residents of SeaTac and our neighbors throughout the South Sound area. But alas, it is now all for not. The Will of the select few has won out.

The comments above are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Angle Lake Shore Club Board or it's members. Click the following link to revisit our past April Fools Posts:


Josh said...

Thanks so much for this update. Given the change in direction, has there been any indication that the city will also reverse it’s decision regarding the 4th of July fireworks show too since this was the catalyst for both issues?

Anonymous said...

This is a bad April Fools joke, right?

Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

YES, this was an April Fools prank intended for fun and to tug at our readers imagination.

Anonymous said...

Too soon.. Brutal.

Josh said...

Well, you got me.. Guess that's what I get for just reading the Update and getting my hopes up. Sigh..