Angle Lake Clean Sweep

Volunteers from the Angle Lake Community will gather at the public park boat launch and set out at 9:00 AM for the first annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep event.  The City of Seatac Parks and Recreation Department will  provide garbage bags and trash collection tools to the group in support of their effort to scour the public spaces on the southwest end of the lake to rid the area of the litter. If you've traveled this end of the lake recently, you no doubt realize what an enormous job this is going to be to gather all the trash that has accumulated in this area. However, the burden may be significantly lessened on each individual if enough folks volunteer to help. 

DATE: Saturday, July 23rd
TIME: 9:00 AM until NOON
PLACE: Angle Lake Park

The team will be split up into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on the surface areas, while waders and snorkelers will be committed to clearing the shallow waters of the shoreline and three adventurous individuals decked out in scuba gear will gather debris from the deep! Boat transportation is available to carry anyone who is interested catching a ride to the park and back or if anyone has any larger items they need help in delivering to the park by boat they should call Judy Williams to arrange for pick up. 

Although the bulk of organized effort will be focused mainly on the SW end of the lake, it is not intended to discourage residents from taking their own initiative in forming teams to collect litter from neighborhood streets in their area and bringing it to the park collection point prior to 12:00 noon where the City will assist in disposing of it.

This is a good opportunity to get out in some nice weather, teaming up with your neighbors in doing great things for the community.  At this time the only thing missing is YOU!  Won't you please consider joining us.

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