Seeking Your Feedback On The 4th

This past Monday, July 4th the citizens of the United States of America took time to honor and celebrate the historic declaration of separation from the rule of the British Empire, which created the birth of our independent, self governed nation. To honor this occasion, numerous volunteers from the Angle Lake Community planned, organized and executed family friendly events hosted throughout a fun filled day and  climaxed with the big fireworks display over the lake.  

We’d like to acknowledge the herculean effort undertook by the many volunteers and recognize and thank the lake area residents for their financial donations and the additional funding from the citizen’s of the City of Seatac. None of this would have been possible without the generous support from each of these organizations.

And now, in effort to wrap up this event, we’d like to receive input and feedback from you regarding the celebration events! We’re asking you to leave your comments right here on the BLOGSITE or by clicking this LINK to complete a brief online survey.  The survey will remain in effect until Wednesday, July 13th.

Your responses will remain anonymous if you wish, however, feedback is taken more serious if the author is identified - whichever you choose your input is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: To leave your mark - click on the comments link below, enter in what you wish to say in the comments box, type the validation phrase, choose an identity, then Publish Your Comment and your good to go! 

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Doug Hill said...

There is no place I would rather be on the 4th of july than on "my" lake. First time guests to our home to celebrate are, and this is an understatement, AMAZED at the activities, fireworks, and friendliness of all on the lake. Best 4th in the country!!!!