Polar Plunge Extraordinare 2024

Have you avoided the Polar Plunge every New Year thinking it is cold? 

Au contraire! Wait until you view the masterfully crafted event video produced by Manor Club resident Valerie Vavrik. Your opinion may be transformed by the warmth of the day. You may even be moved to join us next year for at least the brunch on the beach and fabulous prizes, if not an invigorating plunge.

Seriously, get a cup of tea and sit down for 16 minutes to watch the moving movie, linked below. It captures not only the day, but the togetherness and joy that is evident in every moment. The music is fantastic and the smiles on faces of everyone shows that being there was the very best place you could be to start a new year. 

I wish we could give Val a Golden Globe-like award for her talent and long hours put into this video. Maybe we can make up a Frozen Globe! In lieu of a trophy this year, we can certainly show our appreciation of her effort by posting enthusiastic comments on the Angle Lake Manor Facebook Page (an exclusive, closed group with private membership) where you can also view the full video. If you live in the Manor, please LIKE the Angle Lake Facebook Page (an inclusive, open page for all) so that we can keep you up on current events. 

For those not in the Manor Club you can view all the day’s photos and this video on the ALM website. anglelakemanor.com/gallery.htm 

Or another option is this link to the YouTube version: shorturl.at/gnENU

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Tani Rae Standridge said...

Thanks Fuzz for your extra work to post this with needed explanations. But mostly for your brilliant creation of the ice globe!!!