Cheering for the Home Team!

Is your college alma mater lost in the gridiron wilderness? Are your Saturday afternoons a desolate wasteland of reruns and existential dread? Do you find yourself staring glumly at the ceiling, humming your fight song in a minor key?

Well fear not, brave alumni and/or fan! For even in the darkest athletic hour, there's one beacon of hope, one shining symbol of pride that transcends mere touchdowns and field goals!

That's right, friends! While those fancy-pants schools duke it out for a plastic trophy, you and I stand united, amongst the vibrant tapestry of Shore Club spirit! We may not be on the field, but we're on every neighboring street corner, on every park bench, proudly showing off our ALSC colors!

Show your colors, Shore Club nation! Purchase ALSC T-shirts and Flags, wear them with pride, fly your flags like pirate banners! As a result, you may even become inspired to bake Angle Lake-shaped cookies, write sonnets to our glorious waters, heck, you might even tattoo the logo on your forehead if you really want to go wild! (Disclaimer: Tattooing not recommended, unless you're really, really committed.)

Remember, this College Bowl Weekend, it's not about who's playing on the field, it's about who's cheering the loudest from the sidelines! So, purchase your gear, crank up the party music, and let's paint the town Shore Club blue and white! Because in the grand game of community spirit, we're all winners!

Purchase your ALSC T-Shirt and/or Flag while supplies last!

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Anonymous said...

Nice - great idea. Spirit!!!