Angle Lake Maintains Its Algae-Free Legacy

Will there be a Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day 2024? 
The short answer is YES!

Recent local news announcements have reported concern over toxic algae blooms, warning the public to stay out of the water.  However, Angle Lake, a beloved local treasure, continues to shine as a beacon of pristine water quality, boasting a remarkable history free from harmful algal blooms. Unlike many other lakes in the region, Angle Lake remains untouched by these unsightly and potentially hazardous phenomena, offering residents and visitors alike a haven of clean, safe water.

"Historically, Angle Lake has been fortunate to avoid the algae issues that plague other waterways," declared Wafa Tafesh, Water Quality Scientist with King County. "Our records, and even regional algae databases, lack any data for Angle Lake – a testament to its consistently healthy ecosystem."

This pristine state is not simply luck. Proactive conservation efforts play a crucial role in safeguarding Angle Lake's health. These dedicated efforts ensure the long-term well-being of the lake, protecting its vibrant aquatic life and providing a pristine environment for recreational activities.

By working together, the community can ensure that Angle Lake's legacy of crystal-clear waters continues for generations to come. Whether enjoying a refreshing swim, paddling across its glassy surface, or simply basking in its residential scenic beauty, Angle Lake serves as a vital reminder of our responsibility to protect our precious natural resources.

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