Saturday, July 25th - Nothing is for Sale

Our Angle Lake neighborhood in SeaTac is having an “Everything Is Free” Sale
They are saving you a trip to Goodwill and offering protection from talking and exchanging money by simply placing donations on the curbs along the street in front of select area homes from 10a to 4p on Saturday, July 25th.  

Please no early comers. ONLY take items set out by the curb labeled FREE. 

The event shall be central to the Manor Club Loop on South 192nd and South 194th Streets between 33rd and 39th Ave S., including the cul-de-sac on So 191st Place.

The following houses (and maybe more) will be participating:
  • 19245 33rd Ave S.
  • 19226 34th Ave S
  • 19253 34th Ave S
  • 3316 S 194th St
  • 3321 S 194th St
  • 3522 S 194th St
  • 3730 S 194th St
  • 3522 S 194th St
  • 3719 S 194th St
  • 3767 S 194th St
  • 3779 S 191st Place
Please wear a face covering, otherwise please adhere to social distancing protocols.

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