MISSING: Have You Seen Balldwin?

Earlier in the week, Angle Lake residents Richard and Robin Farmer noticed a yellow and white inflatable beach ball hanging out on their shore. Upon closer inspection, they discovered the following message displayed: 

“Hi, I’m Balldwin and I’m visiting Angle Lake this summer.  Please send a message with your name, dock number, and perhaps a photo to anglelakesc@gmail.com saying I visited you, and then set me free to visit others around the lake.  You can follow my progress on the Angle Lake Blog Site.” 

Enthusiastically respecting Balldwin’s wishes, the Farmers posed for a photo with their guest and submitted a notice to us here at the blog before sending him on his way to visit other neighbors around the lake. However, that is the last we’ve heard from Balldwin.

If you’ve spotted Balldwin recently, please take your own photo with him, include your location details and send us an email letting us know he’s doing well... before turning him loose again to continue his random journey around the lake.  

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