SeaTac Police Department Seeks Volunteers

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This month, the King County Sheriff’s Office notified all contract cities, including the City of SeaTac, that it is seeking help in filling positions on the Independent Investigation Team (IIT) with Non-Law Enforcement Community Representatives as part of fulfilling the requirements of Initiative 940

To provide some background, Washington’s Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (LETCSA) requires that an independent investigation team (IIT) investigate the use of force by a police officer when it results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm. The goal is to enhance accountability and increase trust between law enforcement and the community. The objective is to have an IIT stood up and engaged in the event of an incident as described above and will conduct an investigation in the same manner as a criminal investigation. 

The IIT will consist of qualified and certified law enforcement investigators and at least two non-law enforcement community representatives. Because they will need to respond to each event regardless of the time of day or day of the week, a pool of community representatives will be needed to ensure at least two are available 24/7. The IIT will operate completely independently of any involved agency’s administrative investigation to conduct criminal investigations of police use of deadly force incidents.  If an independent investigation is required, individuals will be selected from the roster to serve on the IIT for that specific incident. This is a non-paid volunteer position with a term of four (4) years. 

Responsibilities of the Community Representatives include:
  • Willingness to serve as a community representative, when called upon, after an officer-involved use of deadly force.
  • Participate in the selection of IIT certified law enforcement investigators.
  • Attend any relevant orientation or training related to the position, which will be provided at no expense. These will be coordinated between the City and KCSO.
  • Pass background and conflict-of-interest checks.
  • Review and sign a confidentiality agreement before being appointed to any IIT.
  • Attend any IIT briefings.
  • Review the investigative file when completed.
  • Review media communications and press releases prior to their release.

If you are interested in further information about the Independent Investigation Team volunteer opportunities or to apply, please refer to the City of SeaTac Webpage at:

The City of SeaTac will begin review of applications on January 4, 2021.

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