Final Determination Expected November 23rd

Only a few days remain before the date when decisions are expected to be made on the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the four proposed map amendments.  It appears that amendments 1 – 3 will pass without opposition; although some contention still persists with regard to Map Amendment 4.

As reported earlier on this blog site, Map Amendment 4 requests that an revision be made to the city land use master plan to designate the property at 19740 Military Road South from Medium Density Residential to an Industrial zoning. City Planning Staff have recommended approval of the zoning change with certain conditions including a revocation clause. However, impacted neighbors surrounding the property are not pleased with this recommendation and as a result have turned out in droves to voice their opposition at two separate Regular Council Meetings. Additionally, a group identifying themselves as “Neighbors For a Better Environment” had activated an online petition from Nov 2nd to Nov 16th where a total of 63 signatures and various comments were collected to be turned over to the City Council for consideration, plus several flyers have been circulated to impacted neighbors alerting them to a possible change in zoning. The Highline Times has also picked up on this story and has published the following report on the front page of the November 19, 2010 edition.

The Council is scheduled to deliver a final determination on all items related to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan at the next Regular Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd.   Please remember, if you plan to deliver any in person comments to the City Council, you must sign up prior to the start of the 6:00 PM meeting.  

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