Regular Council Meeting - November 9th @ 6:00 PM

Several emails have been received indicating some East Lake Neighbors are planning to sign up prior to the 6:00 PM Regular Council Meeting to deliver comments of opposition to the proposed zoning changes included in the Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment 4.

If you have time available, I urge you to join with your neighbors at City Hall this evening to deliver your opinions regarding these changes.  If a previous speaker or two has already stated your same comments, simply take the podium, address the council by identifying yourself, provide your address and state that your are in agreement with the previous comments and that you are opposed to the changes proposed in Map Amendment 4.

If you haven't already signed our online petition, we are still collecting signatures at:

THANK YOU for taking the time necessary to help preserve the quality of our neighborhood.

(The following information was extracted from the City of Seatac Website)
Audience participation is encouraged at all Council Meetings. If you wish to speak, please sign up on the Public Comments sheet located on the table at the entrance of the Council Chambers. Public Comments are solicited by the Mayor at various times during the Council Meeting.

The following suggestions will assist you in presenting precise, well-organized comments:

  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Speaking to the Council: When you are recognized by the Mayor or his/her designee, go to the podium, speak directly into the microphone, state your name, spelling your name, (title and organization, if appropriate), and your address for the record.
  • Purpose: What is the idea you wish to present? Begin with an "I" statement outlining your idea, such as "I am here to support/oppose/call attention to..."
  • Reason: Why are you making this point? This is an important step so the Council is aware of the reasons for your concern.
  • Summary: What condition will be changed or improved if your viewpoint is adopted?
  • Action: State what you would like the City Council to do in response to your viewpoint.

Note: The Mayor may terminate comments that continue beyond the allotted time, constitute a personal attack, are slanderous, or are otherwise inappropriate.

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