Sitting in the Middle of 'L'

For the third straight Friday in a row, residents met in the middle of the 'L' to share snacks and refreshments - and a little bit about themselves with their neighbors in an effort to become better acquainted with each other.
The weather couldn't have been better for this late summer (albeit more akin to early fall) evening... the temperature was mild and the clouds parted for a nice late evening glow as TaniRae and her husband Johnathan joined with Jim, Bruce, Kathy, Julie and Fuzz for sharing the most favorite instances from the recent Tapas event and divulging predictions for the upcoming 'Horsing Around Race' scheduled for next weekend the 18th!

There's just two more planned Fridays's left for the lake social, look forward to meeting you out there!


LPG said...

Hmmmm, looked out at the middle of the lake from my dock about 7:30 pm and saw no one out there!!! What time did the party break up???

Fuzz Hill said...

That's too weird...Bruce and Kathy came by our dock at around 6:30 and picked us up for a float... while we were sitting out there a double kayak came out around the middle and sat there for some time. I asked if we thought they were out there for the social and we figured they were fishing... it wasn't until a half hour or so later we figured out it was TaniRae and John! They claimed they didn't see us!!! too weird, I guess we forgot to turn our cloaking device off... hnmmm.... hope to see you out their next week.