Horse N Around Race A Huge Win!

The weather leading up to Race Day wasn't looking real promising, that and we had to scramble at the last minute to recreate plans to bring our wagering back into compliance with the law...
It truly seemed like the ODDS were not in our favor!

As morning broke on Saturday, a heavy mist hung low over the lake and it appeared like everything was going to be a real soaker again that day but then, the skies began to clear and the lake was springing to life as party barges, boats and neighbors from all around began to converge onto Jones Beach for what was to turn out to be a highly successful first of it's kind event on the lake!

Judging the positive response from each of the nearly one hundred participants and spectators, I am confident we'll see this event returning again next year!  Watch for the Fall Quarter Newsletter for more details. 
Team Chum Salmon agree that this event turned out to be a Number One draw for 2010. Additional event photos may be viewed here.

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