Help Needed to Reunite Injured Pet with Owner

Last night a call was received from Officer Kruger with the SeaTac Police Department.  She reported that she had been flagged down by a couple of teenagers to report a car driving down 188th in front of Tyee HS had hit a small dog and failed to stop.  The injured animal was located by the officer and brought to a vet in Burien for emergency services.  Officer Kruger indicated that the dog received significant injury to the rear leg and if it cannot be fixed they may have to amputate the leg.  Fortunately the dog had a micro chip implanted so she was able to get the names of the last registered owner.  Having concern for the dogs well being, she was hoping that a Shore Club member may know who the owner so the dog may be returned to them.

The chip listed two potential owners: Kevin Kersten and a Walt Williams.  The dog’s name is listed as ‘Peety’ and is a 5-6 year old rusty brown Pomeranian.  Again the dog was hit on the north side of South 188th near Tyee High School.  Officer Kruger can be reached at (206) 973-4915.  

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