Who Will Win The Top Prize of $450.00?!

AND ......     THEIR OFF!!!
Sound familiar?  Well on September 18th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm we have a day at the races planned for your enjoyment as kind of our ‘farewell to summer’ picnic and lakeside community social.  

We’ve talked about it, planned for it and now within just a few short weeks members and guests alike will be able to participate in our ANGLE LAKE CLASSIC ‘HORSE ‘N’ AROUND RACE’ where 10 'horses', or teams will compete for a total purse of $750.00.  A total of up to 10 teams, after paying an entry fee of $50 per team, will begin competing in the first of five various events designed to eliminate one or more teams per event until only 3 teams remain to compete in the last event to share in a total purse of $750.00 paid out to our WIN ($450), PLACE ($225) and SHOW ($75) finishers.   Teams may sign up by contacting Lonnie Goulet at (206) 878-8306.

And the fun isn't limited to just those competing.  For everyone who wants to not only cheer your favorite team on, you will also have the opportunity to place a wagers on any of the teams with our volunteer resident 'bookie'.  Bets will be taken before race day over the phone by Julie Hill at (206) 355-6460 and also on the day of the event, beginning at 11:00 am, at our betting booth where odds will be posted every 15 minutes up until race time.  Sorry but you must be 21 or older to place wagers.

In addition to team competitions and friendly wagering, we’ll be serving up hamburgers and hot dogs all day along with other tasty side dishes.  Plus there will be a non-hosted bar where you can purchase your drink of choice, including non alcoholic beverages for the kids. 

Event location will be announced within the week, along with the teams and their number assignments.  If you're interested in volunteering to help there will be a need for judging, cooking (hamburgers and hotdogs), food service, event setup, etc.  Call Lonnie Goulet for more details. 

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