Compete for Cash Prizes!

Participants in the Tasty Tapas Float Around 
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As you can see from the photo above, the Tasty Tapas Float Around of 2010 was a very well attended event. Each station host did a fantastic job providing for the crowd through meticulous planning, offering exquisite hors d’oeuvres, staging a welcoming environment… and if that weren’t enough some even supplied live music, Polynesian dancers and regional attire to entertain and amuse the masses while they munched and mingled.  

Virtually every participant expressed their delight and enjoyment and some even inquired why the club doesn’t host more events like this?  Funny they should ask! We have another fun filled, entertaining event coming up on Saturday, September 18th called the Cut Throat Classic / Horsing Around Race!

The event will pit rival teams consisting of three ‘athletes’, each competing in a variety of challenges for a share of cash prizes (think of “Minute to Win It"; "Survivor"; or "The Amazing Race"). Spectators will also vie for prize money by sponsoring and cheering on their three favorite teams to victory.  

The afternoon will begin with a social hour where teams will receive competition rules and the crowd will size up the competing teams and choose their favorites. Then the real fun begins witnessing who become the victors and who end up less than victorious. When the dust settles only three teams will achieve a position of win, place or show – however all will end up enjoying a wonderful meal where winners will boast of their success and others will wax warnings of an imminent comeback next year!   

We are in need of teams to compete so if you are up for a challenge – have the brawn, brains, and/or finesse to compete in some serious fun challenges (and you know of two other individuals who do to) please contact Lonnie Goulett or Judy Williams for registration details! Deadline for entry is rapidly approaching!  


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT event! Special thanks to all the Host Stations (delicious food and drink entertainment and personal misting), the Organizers, the Captains(Steve needs a bigger motor for his party boat), and Group Leaders and of course the Participants! The weather was fantastic, met some new people, it was a Blast!! Thankyou Angle Lake Shore Club.... BSonthelake

LPG said...

What a great event is right. We are so lucky to have Angle Lake with in our community to host these types of events that allow both shoreline residents and those that live off the lake to enjoy it. It was really nice seeing returning tasters as well as lots of new faces. With an increase in tasters from 110 last year to 140 this year it looks like an event that will stick around for awhile. Thanks to all that participated.