For the "L" of it!

During the August 25th ALSC Board Members Meeting, filed under new business, Vice President Jim Todd submitted the following proposal for a new (old?) Lake Community Social Hour:
Each Friday evening through the month of September between the hours of 6 and 8 PM, we'd like to invite anyone interested to grab their choice of refreshing beverage(s); any snacks they care to share and steer their watercraft out to the center of the lake for a two hour social.  Weather permitting, of course.

Please leave a comment about this idea, else come on out and introduce yourself to whoever may be anchored out there in the middle of the "L". Party barges and their captains are especially encouraged to join in making a  floatilla!


LPG said...

Sounds like fun a really fun idea. If the weather's good you can count us in.

Fuzz Hill said...

A special "Thank You" to the Bryant's for coming by and inviting Jules and I on the 'practice run' tonight! What a pleasant surprise. Hope to see more people out the next go round :-)

LPG said...

Well, 'for the 'L' of it we (Milo and I) decided to take the boat out and join up with the gang to share in the floating social hour on the lake. Just wanted to let everyone know that it was quite a nice experience and the atmosphere, complete with a gourgeous sunset, was a fantastic (floating) platform to visit with friends and neighbors. Thanks for the drink & Snacks Jim & Robin. Owe you one for next time.