They're At It Again!

Now that the polar bears and super hero's have returned to the warm and cozy confines of the indoors, that can only mean that not far off in the future hordes of people will again be expected to be roaming the rails wearing little more than a great big smile during the Annual No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday, January 9th! 

The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual event organized by New York City prank collective Improv Everywhere. In this event, members of the group enter a subway car at consecutive stops without pants in the middle of winter. Participants pretend that they do not know each other and if asked, claim that they simply "forgot" their pants. The first No Pants Subway Ride took place in 2002 with seven riders and has grown since then. In 2010 over 1,200 people participated in New York and over 1,000 more participated in 21 other cities around the world.  Seattle celebrated the event for the first time last year and an even larger crowd is expected this year.  

For more details regarding this event, please refer to the Emerald City Improv Website.  Additional “coverage” is available online at the Highline Times and SeaTac Blog.  In case you were wondering… No, I am not planning to ride, I’m still thawing from New Years Day!

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LPG said...

Would this also apply to superheros riding the rail who forget to put on their golden leotards?????