Car Prowler Alert!

The blog team received notice today from our neighbors located in the area of Post #22 that on the evenings of January 4th and 5th a total of three cars are known to have been broken into.
Not an Actual Thief - Added for Dramatic Impact Only!
If possible, please keep your driveway and porch lights lit.  Well lit areas tend to detour criminal activity. Please keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activities.  For your safety, do not try to intervene or apprehend any burglary suspects on your own, but do immediately call 911 and report any concerns.

Our best defense against these criminals is to remain alert and look out for each other.  You can also keep track of police activity in your neighborhood through the following online crime reporting web site: 

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LPG said...

Thank you for posting this. It is a large part of what this Blogsite is all about. Neighbor-HOOD awareness.